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    Default Secular Homeschool Curriculum Directory

    Here is a direct link to our Secular Homeschool Curriculum Directory:

    We hope it will be helpful to you in searching for secular homeschool curriculum by subject, title, grade level, and type. If you know of a secular curriculum that is not listed in the directory, please use our Contact Link to let us know. Thanks!!

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    Hi there - I'm new to the community and getting ready to start homeschooling my daughter next year. I was trying to access the link above and its only giving me a blank page.

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    If the link isn't working for you, you can go to the drop down menu at the top of this page that says, "Secular Homeschooling Resources." Click on that and the link for the curriculum page will come up.
    Mama to 12 year old Dakota and Gramma to Homeschooling Damien, Kennedy and Ciencia all using for online curriculum.
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    Hmm - i don't have drop down available on the phone; maybe a mobile issue. Sadly I don't get many opportunities to sit at the computer.

    Thanks for the reply, i will try it on the computer over the weekend.

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    Ok -- all I have to say is "WOW!"

    I found you via my phone browser, which had me on your mobile site (even though it's not reflected as a mobile version in the url). I have just logged in from the computer to find that your site is a treasure trove of information - I'm so giddy!


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    Is there a page that defines the acronyms everyone uses for various curriculum brands? It is confusing for a new user. WWE, BW, OM, etc. Some of them I can figure out over time but some of them have taken me quite a while to search out.


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    Someone started a link for that. I'll see if I can find it. But until then:
    BW-Brave Writer
    OM-Oak Meadow
    WWE-I don't know this one either.
    Mama to 12 year old Dakota and Gramma to Homeschooling Damien, Kennedy and Ciencia all using for online curriculum.
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    Here's an article. The Secular Homeschool Community - Abbreviations and Acronyms related to Homeschooling

    Also BW = Bravewriter
    TWJ = The Writer's Jungle
    SWS = Soaring with Spelling
    WWS = Writing with Style
    RS = can also be Right Start
    CHOW = Child's History of the World
    LHOTW = A Little History of the World
    RS4K = Real Science 4 Kids
    AAR = All About Reading
    HoE= Hands on Equations
    MiF = Math in Focus
    MOTL = Math on the Level

    I hope this helps.
    Mama to 12 year old Dakota and Gramma to Homeschooling Damien, Kennedy and Ciencia all using for online curriculum.
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    I have a question about curriculum reviews. It says at the top of the page that all curriculum reviewed must be secular in nature. Exactly how secular? I know things like Noeo contain a statement of faith at the front, but that's it, so that's okay. Because I was thinking of writing a review of our language arts program, which is mostly secular. But about halfway through it starts providing some extra (optional) copywork, which alternates between being maxims and bible verses. No other mention of religion, just a single, optional sentence on some days. So is that okay to add, or not? (It's totally fine if it's not, I just wasn't sure where the line was, and wanted to check before spending the time writing a review.) Thanks!

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    I think if someone looking for secular material comes across it, that Bible verses offered as copywork (especially if not in context and rotation with other religious quotes) would be annoying.

    I would be annoyed for sure.
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