I don't even know where to start on this. I guess the gist of my problem: I would like to have some suggestions on curriculum/programs for a most-likely profoundly dyslexic 8th grade boy who is reading at probably a 2nd grade level.

I'm just about in tears as the years and years of struggle finally come to this realization--that he could have had help a long time ago, but for lack of understanding on my part and total disregard for my concerns from professionals, and an inability to spend thousands of dollars.

So, I'm looking for programs that are less than $300, that are pretty independent (we can't afford tutors, nor do we live in an area where there are likely any), and can be used by a teenager without making him feel like a 'baby.' Any help or advice would be welcome. I found a dyslexic homeschooling blog that had some recommendations, and so based off of that, I am looking at Logic of English Essentials and Reading Horizons Elevate, but I don't know if there are some other great ones out there. I would also like to hear if people prefer using a print-version program, or an online program. I'm old fashioned and like things in print and my son has professed a preference for reading in print (not that he reads anything), but I'm working out of the home more these days, so an online program might be better for us.