Thought I would post this here since I emailed Pandia Press about it ages ago (Sep 29 and Oct 11) and they did not even reply to me let alone put the suggested notes on their webpage about the Kindle version

If you buy the Kindle version, please be aware that there could be some issues with the file size and what it will be classed as when it is on your Kindle.

1) The file size (78 MB) exceeds the limit for sending to a Kindle via email or using the Send to Kindle application (50 MB). It also exceeds the limit for storing in the Kindle cloud library (50 MB). Purchasers will need to add it to their Kindle directly via a USB transfer, or use another method (e.g., via Dropbox) to export it and open it in the Kindle app on another device (e.g., computer or ipad).

2) It will be classed as a "personal document" once you do have it on your Kindle, and if your child uses a Freetime profile (for parental controls) it will not be available in your library to add to their Freetime. Personal documents cannot be added to Freetime libraries.

My daughter has a Freetime account on her Kindle, which is overall setup with my account name and all the books I buy on my account. I only put the ones in her Freetime library that she can read. So she now cannot read History Quest on her Kindle because it cannot be added to her Freetime library and I can't have her reading it with it logged into my account where there are adult books. So I am going to have to supervise her reading it on the Kindle app on the computer, because all her computer time is supervised at the moment

But obviously Pandia Press does not care about customer service as they never even acknowledged this issue once I alerted them to it.