I homeschool my 2 daughters grade 4 and grade 2. One of my friend has asked me to homeschool her daughter going into grade 6th.
I am using math mammoth for maths and I just do interest based learning with my 4th grader we pick her favorite novels, topics and do studies in english, social studies, science etc.
For second grade I am using AAR, Spelling you see. Science, social studies etc we do together.
But I believe for middle school solid curriculum is needed. Please guide me what to do for her? how can I make it work for me easily?
Thinking of real science odyssey, easy grammar, mosdos press, etc but how to make it work easily with all of them?
My 4th grader is advance in reading and we are doing novel study at grade 5,6 level and we do go in depth in different topics for all subjects