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    Default Is there a list against curricula that reject science?

    While it is not perfect, I believe science is the best method we have to learn more about the world. I was therefore shocked to find out that there is a substantial percentage of homeschoolers who endorse or propagate creationism. Here in Europe, creationism is really uncommon, but apparently the majority of homeschoolers in the US seem to believe in it.

    I almost bought a very beautiful history timeline from homeschooling in the woods before I realised that I would be teaching my children crude ideas.

    So I thought - is there a list of curricula to avoid for homeschoolers who are looking to use scientifically sound material?

    If not, maybe we could start one?

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    The willful ignorance boggles my mind, too.

    It is easier to recommend books that are secular than to laundry list the crap that is out there.
    What are you looking for, and for what ages?

    The Secular, Eclectic, Academic group (I think theyre mostly facebook) has a list of products to avoid, but they dont specify the reason(s) why a product is on their list. (I think they also filter out certain biases, and lump it in the same category of “religious content”.... but I havent been to their site in a while.)

    Personally, I go to the “About Us” page on a company’s website, theyre usually all about their religiosity.
    Also beware of so-called “science neutral” which pretty much means they wont say anything that contradicts a narrow interpretation of the bible. Cosmology and evolution arent discussed, but you can learn the words to call the parts of a plant.

    For history books, you can look at how they treat ancient egypt and the middle east, if they treat biblical stories as fact. And how gentle they are about the Crusades. And Martin Luther.

    Another pitfall to look out for is when an xtian publisher scrubs the religious content from their products to make it acceptable for purchase by public school (charter) funds. The biggest example I know of this is Sonlight rebranding their stuff to BookShark.

    If you are in doubt, you can ask us. At least we have more experience discerning what is what.
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    I also use the "about us section". I find most companies are up front with beliefs. Every so often a company will be evasive, or state that the program is "neutral" (science) - I take that as a red flag. Also like AM said, you can always ask here.
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    I think the trouble would be that the avoid list would be so very long, that it is easier to have a list of what is ok, or to check here.

    For history, I know some people have done history from the history of science or the world/evolution perspective. There is the Big History Project that goes from the big bang I have it bookmarked to look at for next year. Up to now, we have been very interest-based for history with DD picking whatever she fancies. But as this is her last year of primary school, I thought next year we may start something more structured.
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    Thank you for the tips and sorry for the late reply!

    I was looking for a timeline to go along with our Ancient Rome studies. I have now purchased the simple one on the BYL website and decided that I couldn't justify spending money on a fancy timeline anyway.

    It's very telling that it would be far easier to create a "white list" than a "black list". Also good to know what science neutral means. And thanks for recommending to check that "About us "section. I will do that in the future.

    The whole creationist/young earth stuff and how many homeshoolers believe this really blows my mind. But we have similar crazy beliefs here, e.g. people rejecting the infection hypothesis, flat earthers etc.
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Is there a list against curricula that reject science?