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    Default Math program similar to Lexia?

    Hi all, I am hoping you can help me find math for next year. My dd is entering 4th grade and has a developmental disability. For LA, Lexia has been great. I would like to find a math program that has similar features:

    • Available on the ipad
    • Something a child with I/DD can do completely independently
    • Places the child in the correct level by assessment rather than asking us to choose a grade level
    • Constantly assesses the child and provides a report on her level with a percentage chance of achieving grade level by the end of the year
    • Provides additional printable lessons in areas of weakness based on assessment and for review at the end of each level

    I am wondering if Redbird or CTC Math meet this criteria. It looks like CTC Math allows moving around between grade levels and that's not what I want, I want the program to place her in the appropriate level. Do you know of any other online math programs that sound like a good fit? Thanks for any input.
    Jessica, mom to 3 in CO
    24M, 9F, 4F

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    We used Maths Whizz ( for 1Ė2 years. I am not sure if it would meet all your criteria. It definitely does placement though and reports on how they are doing. The reports are not grade-aligned though. They assign them a "math age". I think you can get a free trial so you could probably try it out and see if it works for you.

    Edited to add: it can be quite expensive but we managed to get a much lower subscription through a homeschool group. So if you are interested after the free trial, you could look around and see if you can get a lower subscription somewhere.
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    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    Does your daughter do horse riding therapy (your avatar pic)? I volunteer at therapy riding where I live and do leading and side walking, and its one of my favorite parts of my week
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    Thanks! I see it's $90 for a year, not too bad at all, but I don't see a free trial and the few sample lessons on the website look inappropriate for I/DD. They have knowing subtraction facts by heart and a speed game with subtraction facts. For children with I/DD and a specific learning disability in math, timers are counterproductive and serve no purpose, and memorization is a waste of time and just causes frustration for them. She needs to work on the skills with accommodations, such as mastering concepts and the skills needed to solve a problem but without memorization (ie, using a calculator or times table).

    It's possible all the math programs have these faults. :/

    We were using HELP Math but it's not independent, doesn't assess her, moves too fast at times and has test questions that are absurd (addressing material that wasn't covered in the lesson, and trick questions).

    That photo is from a Girl Scout visit to a horse rescue. I'm a Girl Scout troop leader. We've done hippotherapy in the past but I have to find a stable and request funding.
    Jessica, mom to 3 in CO
    24M, 9F, 4F

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    The free trial is here,

    I am trying to remember how much timing was in it when my daughter used it. She has slow processing speed and has a panic attack if anything is timed. I don't think that there was that much of it. I don't recall her having to do any route memorization of facts. If this is an issue with all math programs, can you print her a list of math facts that she can have with her to refer to?

    Also, not all the games are part of the tutor. It has separate parts: a tutor that does all the main teaching and learning and then a practice/games room. From memory, I think most of the timed stuff is in the games in the practice room and not the tutor. But there may be some in the tutor. You can fully do Maths Whizz without using the pratice/games and just do the tutor. Probably best to get a free trial and play around with it and see if it fits.

    Maths Whizz were also generally very accommodating for skipping my daughter past things if they were not working out for her, so you try email them and describe what you need and ask how they could accommodate that for you.

    I hope you can find some hippotherapy for your daughter. The riders at our program really seem to love it.
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    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    Thanks for the link! Maybe they just picked the worst possible examples for their website. At any rate now we can just try it and see. Redbird is only $40 so worst case scenario if it doesn't work out I can switch. We'll look at it over the summer.
    Jessica, mom to 3 in CO
    24M, 9F, 4F

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Math program similar to Lexia?