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    Default Anyone tried Learning Dynamics reading program?

    Hi, I recently came across Learning Dynamics reading program and was wondering if anyone has tried it before and what their thoughts are on the program.

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    I havent tried it, but for the price of $100 and the promise of literacy in just four weeks.... I think they are preying on you.
    “The Simplist, Easiest, and Best way” they proclaim. I dont think any reputable literacy programs make such a claim. We know as parents that every kid learns a bit differently, Im extremely skeptical of any program making such a claim. And starting at age 3!?
    My vote is that it is snake oil.

    (Several of us here have run through many reading programs... me now included... and I havent heard of this one before.)

    Farrar had a homeschooling joke on the subject:
    “What is the best reading program?”
    “The eighth one you try!”
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    I've never heard of it either, took a look at the site and I couldn't find any reference to what method their program is based on, is it pure phonics, synthetic phonics, look say, whole language... in my opinion any reputable program would give more information about their method, not just a guarantee that it works.

    And where are the samples? I found one sample, at least I think it's a sample, mixed up in the "research" that they have; which I have to say, their outcomes are not all that impressive and definitely not only 4 weeks. Most adults who are illiterate cannot be taught to read in 4 weeks of 15 minute lessons (that is only 6 hours or so of instruction), I cannot see a child being able to learn to read that quickly either.

    Sounds like an expensive gimmick to me like Teach Your Baby to Read and others like it. Learning to read is a process, it takes time, usually a couple of years of slow, consistent instruction because the child has to be ready to process each new piece of the reading code they are taught.

    I'm currently using Logic of English: Foundations with my just turned 6 year old; we started a few of months after he turned 5. An average child doing the curriculum as written should take about 2 years to go through all 4 modules of Foundations from beginning to end. You can go faster if the child is capable but most children do best using the slow, incremental approach with lots of time to practice their new skills. We are currently taking a break from lessons to practice the skills he has already learned because he was starting to struggle with the new material. He just wasn't ready to process the new information yet so we stopped with the new content and for now we just practice what he already knows. In a few weeks, we will try again and see if he's ready to move on. Learning to read and read well, isn't a sprint, just like the rest of homeschooling, it is a marathon.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Ya. I saw it on a Facebook ad and all the reviews were good on Facebook (who knows if it's real) I tried calling their number and it always went to voicemail. Who doesn't want their kid to read by 3 in 4 weeks.... haha.

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Anyone tried Learning Dynamics reading program?