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    Default A new Story of the World...

    Hi everybody,
    I'm having a writing inspiration moment. I have been reading Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer and I am wishing for something new...maybe I should write it.

    I'm uninspired by a European focus, not enough social history, and intermittent religious bias.

    If you could have a resource similar in style to Story of the World, but different in content, what would it have?

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    Hmmmm something like that sure would be nice!

    I couldnt get past the first third of the first one, so I dont know the format of the whole series.

    Maybe a series of stories based on artifacts or evidence? So a reference to cave art, a statue, flint arrowheads, whatever....
    Start with humans living in paleolith Africa, migrating out, arriving throughout the world... and then stories (based on evidence) of what life was like across the globe at the birth of farming, for example, or bursts of exploration and trade, or of warfare. And an idea of the key facts you want the readers to remember.
    That might be how I would organize it, and give support to it. The story of a kid scurrying to eat lizards while the men hunted and the women gathered seemed rather patronizing and obnoxious to me (thats how I find SWB in general though), unjustifiably indicating that these were gender role norms. And that is all I remember from SOTW.
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    I'm considering starting with the beginning of history defined as the beginning of written record, that we know of (3000 ish b.c.e) and going back and forth between fictionalized story and primary source investigation in the book. What do you think?

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    It is your project, you can do it however you like.
    Starting with “written” history gives it a bit of a bias. I assumed SWB didnt include “prehistory” because it isnt biblically aligned. What is it that defines history or human culture as starting with preserved written documents?

    Sort of like.... “Nobody who lived in North America was worth studying until Europeans came here, because they didnt write things down in a way we consider significant.”

    That is just my take on it, though.

    Ive also seen fact and narrative interwoven well (as discrete sections). Maybe study some of those books to get a technical understanding of how they did it.
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    A map at the beginning of every chapter/section/whatever. Tell us where this is happening! Also a timeline. Maybe have it blank in the beginning, then fill in the events as we learn about them.

    Personally, I’d also like a glimpse of the average person in that time and place. It’s good to learn about the important people, but my son is much more interested in what *his* life would have most likely been like if he had lived then. My son also likes trivia. He would love to have some random facts too (foods they ate, interesting archaeological finds, religious beliefs/practices, types of dishes they used, etc.).

    I’ve been horribly disappointed with SotW. I stuck with it for a full year, but I don’t feel like I know any more history than when we started, and history is by far my weakest subject.

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    This will be a HUGE endeavor. Maybe aim to create a chapter at a time where you think SOtW is lacking, then release as they become available.
    We took the summer off as I couldnít get anything started w/o a regular routine in place. Doing 3rd grade now and so far so good.

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    Oooh! This is a great idea! I love the ideas involving stories based on artifacts, etc as well as the idea about bouncing back and forth between historical fiction and historical facts! Thatís pretty much what we do anyway. It would be nice to have it put together! I agree on more maps and timeline info than SOTW. You may want to check out Curiosity Chronicles as another curriculum that you would want to set yourself apart from. They do a better job at some of these things, but the content doesnít go very in depth as I am guessing it is aimed pretty young.

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A new Story of the World...