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    My soon to be 7 year old is very math minded. I want a curriculum for him that is challenging and requires him to think instead of just learn algorithms. Beast Academy was suggested to me and I think it will be a good fit. I had him take the assessments tonight. He aced the 2A assessment with no issues. He missed 1 on the 2B assessment, and got 14 out of 16 on the 3A assessment. But...that 14 was after I pointed out that he had missed a couple (instruction say to give them a second chance on the ones they missed) and the other two, he really had zero idea on. It also took him a really long time. Granted, focus has never been his thing, and he'd already done the other two tests, so his interest was waning. The assessment says they need to get 12/16 in order to start 3A. Do you think 3A is the appropriate starting point, or will it be too challenging?

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    I don't really know sorry. My daughter started 3A when she was 8.5 (and is now just starting 4B). She has found it a good challenge, but one that she can cope with.

    Can you wait for 2C to come out and try that?

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    My son is also math minded and did Beast Academy. I found the text really worked his mind and allowed thought, not just procedure, if that makes sense. I would start with the lower level and let him work through it because he probably will enjoy it, get into the groove, and will learn, simply because it's a different approach to math.

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    When are you planning on starting? Now or in the fall? If you planning on starting now, do you go low-key for the summer or full-throttle?

    The reason, I ask is that, if your son is math-minded he might like the books for fun, especially the guide books. So, if summer is lower key, he could read the guide for fun and maybe even treat the workbook as a fun puzzle-book, if they veer on the easy side for him. If he likes them for fun, then if they are a little easy, it is not terrible. In addition, with math, having secure foundations is never a bad thing. I would even show him the sample pages to see what he thinks regarding the fun-factor.

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    I would start him at the beginning. He might fly through 2A and 2B, but he will get familiar with the 'beast's' way of thinking and he will be more ready for 3A.

    3A is challenging. My daughter finished the whole grade 3 level in Singapore before we switched to Beast, and she still learned a lot in 3A (2A or 2B were not available then).
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    This is all very good advice, thank you. We planning to start soon, and go full-throttle over the summer. However, we will only be doing math officially. The only other academic stuff we will be doing is daily book reading. He's going to a camps that are science focused, but those will be fun for him, I don't think it will even occur to him that those are educational.

    He was super excited about the fact that he tested into the 3A set, so I'll have to deal with that for a bit. Once he sees how puzzle oriented the questions are, I bet he will still have fun. I do wish the 2C and 2D were ready, but oh well.

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    I ended up ordering 2A, 2B, and all of 3. I'm such a sucker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamalump View Post
    I ended up ordering 2A, 2B, and all of 3. I'm such a sucker.
    I bet he will like them. He knows how he tested, so he can still be proud and also enjoy the books.

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    We use Beast Academy and I know you mentioned you already ordered it, but I would start with 2A. Even if he gets through 2A & B and moves on to 3, I would still go back and do 2C & D when they come out.

    Beast Academy presents math in such a challenging way, that kids who are good at math learn something through the process of their games and puzzles.
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    You made the right choice. Start at the beginning.

    Beast Academy assessments are notoriously simple compared to the actual books. They're just testing to see if kids have the basic concepts down, not to see if they're going to be able to do the in depth work that Beast asks of kids.

    Enjoy! We adored all the Beast levels that were out when my kid who used them was the right age. It's a brilliant program that's perfect for some kids.
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