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    The form has this written at the top: "If you are applying for more than one child, you must make a separate application for each child. Each application must have its own supporting documentation, specifically catering to each child." I also know someone who was applying for 2 kids at the same time, and she tried doing the same plan/wording in the two applications. They came back asking her to re-do them.

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    I'm still sort of dubious that you can't borrow some of the language from the first one. YOU and YOUR philosophy are the same. You have a different child, but surely your overall end goals are going to be similar. If I had applied in NZ to homeschool my twins, I can't imagine that I'd actually need to have nothing be the same on my application. Sure, they're different people and I'd want to include individualized parts, but I can't imagine they'd actually expect there to be zero overlap between those applications.

    ETA: Like, if I was doing this, I'd probably have a part that's like, here's my philosophy on this. Then followed by a second paragraph that would be like, here's how this applies to this specific child. Of course, the whole thing is weird... I mean, how are you supposed to individualize a child's high school plan when they're 6? Yet you can keep getting reapproved all the way through without redoing it? Bonkers.

    Also... if the philosophy and methods are actually required to be different, that's even weirder. Like, you have kid one who was dyslexic and used a particular program and method that worked really well. Kid two turns out to be dyslexic as well. Drat. We have to find a whole new method for kid two because we used up the good method on kid one! Like... seriously?
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    Yeah it is just all rather annoying. I think their thinking on it probably is that if it does not have any oversight, then they have to have this large file to show that they have got you to think about it all through to how (in theory, you don't have to give specifics or curriculum details) you would plan out their longer term education.

    It is not just a free structure document that you write. It is an application form with questions, with paragraphs of text and lists of things that you have to do for each one. Then empty pages for you to fill in. It covers your overall philosophy, subject areas, curriculum, resources, timetable, record keeping, evaluation methods, monitoring of progress, and so forth. However, you are expected to write a lot about how you would apply that to a specific child, and target it to their current age/stage and interests/special needs. There are parts of my oldest's that will be similar that I can write into my youngest's. Although, I did not write my oldest's intending it to be a template, so I will have to trawl through it and pick out the bits of what I want. Also, thinking about it. Sections like where you have to describe what a typical day/timetable/schedule will look like. Even with the same philosophy, that will be different because my youngest is at a different age/stage to my oldest. My oldest also has issues with processing speed and anxiety, so there is a lot in her application about how to address that. Whereas my youngest does not have those issues but I still have to write about how I will target teaching and evaluation to her, it will just be different.

    However, even though its time consuming and annoying, I can do those parts of it. The bit I was worried about doing is the large section on curriculum/subject areas for the skills of reading/writing. How they will be taught and assessed, and specifically with new entrants/beginners. That will be a large part of my youngest's application, but my oldest was past that stage when I started homeschooling her so it is not in her application.

    However, with the tips from on here. I now have something to start with, and I find once I can list/bullet point ideas, I am generally ok fleshing it out to coherent text. So, thank you all for your help!
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    Apparently in future they are going to try introduce family applications. So it won't be as annoying.

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