I was trying the option on Khan Academy of having a class and making assignments, and found it easier to have two classes (one for each of my two older kids) with one student, rather than go through checking and unchecking what was assigned to whom, and saw the option to sync with Google Classroom.

I like how I can assign specific topics to my daughter and son in each of their separate classes (that I coach) on Khan, but if I created a Google Classroom for each of them, I could also organize just about any online resource and/or specify books and page numbers.

Has anyone else done this? I realize this dispenses completely with privacy, but in my daughter's case, she's already using a school-issued laptop and Google Classroom for her work at school, so that's a non-issue.

If anyone else has used Google Classroom and/or created Khan Academy classes for their kids, I would love to hear from you before diving in.