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    How do you deal with or find a product that skips around sufficiently, but also goes into enough depth that learning is taking place?
    Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding skips around between topics, you are meant to do certain bits from one area and then another rather than just going through a single topic. I have a list somewhere of the suggested order. It is also quite in depth for the target age. However, I found it took up too much time organize it all though when I tried it when we first started homeschooling. Because it is not laid out in the order you are meant to skip around – it is laid out by topic – it takes a lot of time to flick around this huge pdf file (maybe it would be easier with the book). Then to figure out what books you need/can get from the library, what you are meant to say/do as the parent, if you need any other materials. I plan to sit down and get it into an easier to use format before I start homeschooling my youngest.

    For now, for DD9, I have three of the RSO (Chem, Physics, and Earth) and we skip around between them. I did not buy Bio/Life because we do a lot already without a curriculum. Also, if we are going through something with RSO and we find a connection to other science, we stop and do that. Then when DD9 wanes in her enthusiasm for it, we just drop it and she does what she enjoys (reading a ton of science books and encyclopedias) until she gets interested in more structured science lessons again.

    Edited to add - I often plan our skipping around based on what outings we have with the local homeschool group. So we do some science connected to the outing as prep beforehand, and some more in depth stuff after if DD9 was interested in it.

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    Alexsmom- I really like the Nancy Larson science. It skips around, but goes into depth in each subject and takes over a month for each. I used the 3rd grade for my 2nd and 4th grader and we really enjoyed it. I loved that everything you could possibly need came all together. The posters were thorough and were examined by my kids for months. I read, I think on the SEA facebook page, that it was neutral - this was long after I purchased it, but I never noticed anything that made me concerned. Here is the table of contents for 4th grade:
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    Is BFSU the one that has a flowchart kind of table that tells you where you can go next?

    I hate getting supplies and supplemental materials! My favorite part of doing “science weeks” with RSO was the whole unit’s shopping at once. It made using youtube videos as supplements easier too.

    We had just decided to study human anatomy etc this spring - and this thread re-emerging got me to order the Life and Bio (the one for middle schoolers) to use as spines for both my boys.

    HG - Ill check out Nancy Larson for my baby, and thank you for mentioning the “neutral” aspect. I guess as long as they arent teaching things that are wrong, it shouldnt bother me.
    Dawkin’s argument though - whether you should trust an eye surgeon who believes babies are delivered by storks - because how good could their judgement be - always makes me hesitate.
    What is ‘neutral’ science? Is that like agnosticism? “Dont ask me those questions, I dont want to think about the answers.”
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Yes BFSU has the flowchart. Its quite open-ended as to what way you follow it though, which is really how science is meant to be, but that means it takes a lot of forward planning.

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    AM: I have never seen that they were neutral on their site, SEA just said it was. The science seemed quite thorough to me and discussed carbon dating etc so definitely was old earth. They have homeschool programs, but they also have science for classrooms so I am not sure that SEA was correct. I really like Blair Lee, but when you are trying to sell your own science program, it is easy to state that others aren't good science so as to skew people towards your own stuff, even subconsciously. Though there may be something in another year that was suspect. Sometimes it makes your brain hurt trying to be logical.
    DS16 with ASD, DD12 and DS10

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