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    Default Magic Schoolbus - age range?

    I've been searching old posts and I'm confused. The Magic Schoolbus series has my 5-year-old's interest, and I found some online experiments that Scholastic released to coordinate with the programs. But then there are science kits and even chapter books that seem to target much older kids.

    What's the actual age range for MS? Or is it so wide that they made a bunch of stuff in different age groups? If you've used it as part of your school, can you tell me at what age and how you used it? Thanks!

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    We only used the videos and books as early as 4 years old. I view the age range from early elementary to around 10/12 years old. DS is 9 now and won't watch it, but I think it is perfectly reasonable to use at any elementary school age.

    We moved on after a while, so our science experiments come from other sources.
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    I used the science kits with my kids when they were about 5-8 years old. I think they are good for the early elementary set. I combined the kits with the TV series.
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    We dont use MSB as any formal type of curriculum, but both my boys will watch it if its on the tv. DS11 will sometimes put it on when he is sick and camping out in front of the TV. (We dont have cable, its usually that or Horrible Histories that he watches.)

    I suppose if I had a guide to episodes that I might pull up episodes topicsl to what we are studying. But youtube works pretty well for that.
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    My boys (5 and 7) LOVE MSB. I think it's perfect for that age, and it's substantial enough for older kids, but I'm sure it depends on the kid. I know some kids would probably find it silly. My 7yo has loved the chapter books and we used to read them aloud (the 5yo enjoyed listening as well) and he now reads them himself as his reading confidence has grown. The chapter books ARE a bit more advanced information/presentation than the show, but not dramatically. We have the DVDs and I always use them if there's an episode that correlates with our science subjects. It's got such a good mix of topics, from physics to habitats.

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    The kits say they're for older kids, but my experience was that they're best for preK-1st or 2nd grade tops. We did a whole Magic Schoolbus year in kindy. The show, the kits. A few of them were really good - the one about polymers, the one about germs - a few were really lame - the astronomy one. Most were in the middle. There are a lot more of them now and they're packaged in different ways though, so it's hard to say. We liked them at the time, but I wouldn't do them with an older kid.

    We continued to read the Magic Schoolbus chapter books as the kids were older - more like up through 2nd or 3rd grade if we were doing the topic. However, these are SO simple. They're really Magic Treehouse level. They could totally be read aloud to a 5 yo who was able to listen to chapter books.
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    We used it for my son for Kinder, age 4 and 5. He's 6 now and not very interested.

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    We used the kit in 3rd grade and my kids never saw the show until it came to netflix and they are watching all the episodes now. I thought the kits were appropriate for 7-10, but at that age my kids were able to be very hands-on with it and I always add a lot of my own info to the discussion because my degree is in science.
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    DH did it with our DD at 6 and had a lot of fun. He said that the information was easy to scaffold and customize to her level.

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    I just used the books and the TV show and your little is absolutely the target age. If he loves MSB as much as mine did, you can sometimes find used easy chapter books to tempt him when he's a new reader and books for projects that might be more age-appropriate than the kits. There is no shortage of them on eBay.

    Just a heads up that Ms. Frizzle's class is sometimes unkind to each other in ways that are typical in brick and mortar schools but not hard wired into human nature or inevitable in homeschooled kids. It was completely invisible to me when I was raising my olders and deciding which picture books to save for possible future grandbabies, but by the time ds now-9 came along it was plain as day and why I limited his MSB consumption.

    MSB is also a Bill Gates/Microsoft Corporation product if that makes a difference to you.

    hth and happy homeschooling!

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Magic Schoolbus - age range?