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    Default Plan for 1st grade twins - please critique!

    I'm new here - found this site by searching for reviews of OM and found a thread started by another new homeschooling mom who wanted to use OM for all of the same reasons I found it attractive. I'm now convinced it is not the thing for us.

    I have spent a lot of time reviewing different curriculum and took the "what type of homeschooler are you quiz" and I'm all over the place!

    Here is my tentative plan - which I have changed about 9 times today:

    BYL (without the copywork)

    Logic of English

    Redbird Math

    Waldorf Homeschool Enrichment program 1 day per week which includes Spanish, music, art, dance and games.

    It seems like this might give us a good combination of literature, phonics, STEM and crunchy.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the plan as a whole or your experience with the individual curriculum.

    Thank you!

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    It's soooo hard to give curriculum advice without knowing more about your kids. The big mistake we often make when getting started with homeschooling is spending so much time figuring out what kind of homeschooler WE are, and too little time figuring out what kind of learners our kids are. My recommendation is to spend a couple weeks really exploring everything you can possibly find on learning styles. Time4Learning is a good start. Their list is pretty comprehensive. Multiple sites have quizzes for it, but I also heartily recommend a book called "Discover Your Child's Learning Style" by Mariaemma Willis. Keep in mind that even with twins their learning styles may be completely different. Once you've really got a handle on how they best learn, THEN you try to match up curriculum for each child's preferred style. And yeah, sometimes that means using two completely different curriculum...but that's the beauty of homeschooling. Being able to customize an education to each individual child.

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    I'm super new to homeschooling, so I will not give advice.

    I can say I ❤️ Logic of English. Before the Foundations program came out, I made a modified "more fun" version of the first version of Essentials and did a before school program for 4 days a week for a few months at the end of the school year for a group of first graders in danger of being held back. Every single kid went from "red" on STAR reading to green within a short time.

    I am currently doing the second version of Essentials with my 4th grader (using the most advanced spelling list). I am still in love with it.
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    Welcome! Just from starting with the OM perspective, and that you are adding some Waldorf.... it seems you are more interested in a gentle to academics approach.
    You might not want to have the formal grammar or spelling for first graders. It seems scary, to not have something telling your kids when to use 's' at the end of a word (which they probably do or dont correctly anyways), but there are a lot of people who have skipped this, and their kids are spelling and writing well by the end of elementary. If youre omitting the gentle copywork from BYL, I dont see why you would add in some other program.

    I was dubious about redbird, simply because its an "appeal to pretentious". So many shiny (and expensive!) products promise to deliver extraordinary results, regardless of your child's natural tendancies. Especially for elementary school (and redbird only goes through arithmetic), skills and progress are sort of.... erratic or uneven, maybe.
    I have a mathy kid, and we used Singapore (cheap), but honestly, any program that is going to teach the four operations and fractions is going to suffice. First grade math is... hmm, working with addition and subtraction and place value, and starting to group 2s, 3s, and 10s maybe?
    Go with something inexpensive, and that isnt going to keep information on your kids progress in a database and be used for who-knows-what!
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    I think it looks great. I'm not much on Waldorf personally, but if it appeals to you, go for it. LoE is nicely gentle for language arts for that age. Redbird is very gentle. BYL has great books and you already have a way to pare it down a little to make it not too much with the LoE.
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    Thank you everyone for your input!

    I have requested "Discover your child's learning style" from our local library and will start there before making any purchases.

    I like some of the tenants of Waldorf. DD loves to paint and dress up and I'm using the enrichment day mostly to give them playtime with other kids. DS on the other hand hates anything without concrete answers and lines so the free form artsyness may be good for him. We'll see how that goes. If he really doesn't like it there is another charter school offering STEM heavy enrichment. We are isolated geographically and they are really pretty happy to play just with each other, so the goal is really to stretch some social muscles.

    Both kiddos love their screen time and played the sample game on Redbird repeatedly. I have asked for a trial period to see if it really works for us.

    I'm glad to hear praise of LoE - I was an early and avid reader, but a terrible speller and want the kids to have a strong foundation with language.

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    LOoks great, similar to what I am doing for 1st grade I love LOE! My twins loved it in 1st grade- they had been in PS for Kindy, and there were days they would say "But we didn't do our school yet, Mom" and I would reply "Yes, this game and that game were your school today! Wasn't it fun!" They are super-smart 3rd graders, and I think ths slow, easy pace was perfect for them!
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Plan for 1st grade twins - please critique!