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    Default Barton Dyslexia Program - tutoring

    Has anyone tutored with the Barton dyslexia system? Or in general, have words of advice from either side? Teacher, or parent of student?

    A friend has a son who is dyslexic and it was recommended that she enroll him with either Ortman or Barton tutoring. She couldn't find anyone in the area, and, after I looked into it, it looks like I certainly COULD do this. As I only have my youngest, it looks like I have some time slots 3 times a week, and I am sure that I can follow a scripted program with the DVD help. My son is also dyslexic, older, we pieced stuff together, but I see the things that worked for him in Barton.

    So, we plan to have a clear plan of expectations...what I will do, and what she will do. (She has unschooled till now, and wants someone else to teach him due to him never working consistently with her in the manner that Barton will require.)

    Any suggestions? People who have done this or other tutoring...problems that arise, issues, things that I SHOULD do? Or NOT do? As I move to empty nest age, the idea of tutoring kids with Barton appeals to me. There is a need, but it is not filled in my area. I potentially would like to get certified and teach non-homeschooling kids. I figure that I need to keep out 1/3 of pay for taxes and file as independent contractor. The mom wants to be very clear on expectations and such, and I am sure she will pay as she says...but...lessons learned from other people can help me avoid other potential mistakes with people down the road who are not friends that I know very little about....and...may help other readers who want to hire tutors to avoid mistakes that mean wasted money.

    So please, give me your advice, if you have tutored before, or had your kid tutored....Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!

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    I am in the same boat. My child is dyslexic and we have been using a O-G based reading and spelling program for years. Very similar to Barton. I actually called a couple of the Tudors in my state. Barton will email you the Tudor and their contact info. I wanted to ask about $$ and number of students. They suggested watching the videos about starting a Tudor business available on the Barton website. I will,be doing that soon. Might help contacting some in your State. They were more helpful when they found out where I lived and that there are no Barton Tudors here. I also looking into getting O-G certified. Much longer process but the best imo,of training you can get. These Tudors charge more.
    If you have already started, how is it going?
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    I used level one with my daughter in second grade. She improved and I was impressed with the program. We did not go beyond that because she was also working with a tutor and was progressing so well. The program is easy to use and makes a lot of sense. It's been so long ago that it's hard to remember logistics, but I think there is a need and you will probably do very well with helping other children with the program.

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    There's always a demand for tutors for dyslexia. Barton is the gold standard in dyslexia. As I understand it, it's the easiest of the serious programs for a novice to use as well. There are others - Lindamood-Bell is another system, and a friend who's a tutor was telling me about yet another she uses. But all of them are based around a similar concept that's fundamental to the O-G methods, of making the sound to speech connections.

    I'd do it. If you really want to make a business of it, I think you'll need to eventually get various certifications.
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    My 8 year old son is dyslexic and we've been using Barton to help with spelling. My mother-in-law has been doing most of the heavy lifting with it and she was able to handle it without problem. (She is a retired elementary music teacher.)

    We're into the fourth module and his spelling has gone from nearly unintelligible to only about a grade level or two behind. Over the summer, she tutored him in it nearly every day, but now that the school year has started again, its been difficult to find time (plus his teachers insist on using their own word lists, which often aren't from material he's already covered in Barton.)

    Being able to spend more time on Barton + other intensive work to help him overcome the dyslexia challenges is one of the main reasons we're pulling out of private school and doing home schooling.

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Barton Dyslexia Program - tutoring