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    Default Animal Studies All-In-One Programs

    I started animal studies units with my son last year (going into 4th this year), and just did it piece meal. But I need a ready-to-go kit. I can supplement it, but I would like something that can stand on it's own a bit, too.

    One summer, when I was younger, my mom ordered these themed packets that would come once a month or every two weeks. It had readings, activities & puzzles, and paperboard punch outs (the space packet had a shuttle), and such. I keep thinking about that and wishing I could find something like that.

    The closest I have found is Junior Explorers. Does anyone have any experience with this? It is at the top of my price range, and it has a larger focus on ecosystems, using specific animals to help highlight the ecosystems. I would rather have something that focuses more intently on the animal. Any ideas?

    On that note, I found Junior Explorers at; there were a lot of interesting box subscriptions that looked like they might work for various HS subjects.

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    Animal Studies All-In-One Programs
    So I have searched and searched and haven't found anything pre-packaged except the Junior Explorers. I was about to pull the trigger (Hahaha! About! I need to get my paycheck first...), but looked again and found some YouTube reviews. I don't think you really get much for the money: an info sheet (seems nicely done, though), animal trading cards, some stickers and tattoos, a couple small figurines. I haven't seen the digital part--the might be great, but there are a lot of great animal/habitat games out already. They do have a some decent lesson plans for the classroom addition, but customer support wasn't very helpful when I explained that I wanted to use this for home schooling and that I wanted a list of animals beforehand (so I could gather my resources, or at least research which resources I could get). They also made it seem like the classroom package and the regular subscription didn't jive, but I'm guessing you could grab the lesson plans off their website and still use them. The only problem is that you don't know WHAT "adventures" you will be sent, and the classroom package only has 8 of them.

    Anyhow, it's back to piecemeal. I did find a template package at teacherspayteachers that I think will make it more streamline: Ecosystems Animal Research Project.

    Just thought I would update my decision and thought process in case someone else searches and finds this thread. And I guess for one last plea in case there is someone out there that knows of something...

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    Did you try looking for a zoology curriculum? That is what must animal studies would be called.

    Here is a link to a discussion on the NSTA website about teaching zoology

    I also found an old discussion about zoology.
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    Here's something you might encounter and wonder about, so here's a quick review:

    There is a Zoology study of sorts in the Sassafras books from Elemental Science. My 5th grader thought it looked fun so we did it over the summer as an easy intro into homeschooling. This is our first year. We've started Pandia Biology 2 now.

    1) The Sassafras Zoology adventure better for 3rd and 4th graders, probably, as the activities are pretty young and the science is pretty light. They may even find it young, depending on how deep they had wanted to go into zoology.

    2) Each animal study progresses like this - read about an adventure in an ecosystem, notebook page or two about the ecosystem and 3-4 for animals in it. It's zoology lite, IMO, and doesn't teach anything about classification or in-depth topics about animals, nothing about evolution - it really is just about animals and ecosystems.

    She said the book was not bad but got bored with the animal pages and we abandoned them by about 1/2 to 2/3 through the book, and just read animal encyclopedia entries about the animals. It wasn't a core part of our science for the year so I didn't mind speeding through it.

    Though it doesn't matter for this unit because of how high level it stays - Elemental is neutral science as far as I can tell, which may matter to you.

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    Mariam--Thank you for the idea. At ine point, I did search the term Zoology, but I didn't see anything immediately and then was called away and forgot to come back to the term. I will try it again.

    COMom--Thanks for the review. Do you think it would work as a spine?

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    Here's a thought: how about 4-H? They have curricula:

    4-H Curriculum Resources

    We used the Veterinary Science one. Loosely.
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    Here is a link to a Waldorf 4th grade Zoology course. I really don't know what they mean by "head animals" and "trunk animals," so I'm confused right from the start, but they have a book list and some other helpful info for anyone interested.

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    More links I have found (nothing prepackaged, but lesson plans and resources):

    DiscoveryEducation animal lesson plans
    Critter Catalog at the University of Michigan
    Animal Diversity Web, also from teh University of Michigan

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Animal Studies All-In-One Programs