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    Default Can you suggest a book of poetry for children?

    I'm going to be doing a unit on poetry with my 9 year old daughter & I'd like to find a book with examples of different types of poetry (narrative, free verse, haiku, etc). Something light & intended for children, please. I do have some Catullus & Sylvia Plath on the bookshelves, but that's probably not going to work for us quite yet.

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    Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Michael Clay Thompson poetry books - except I havent actually used them yet. I'll be starting this year . . . . my next bet would be to ask the librarian!
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    Homeschool Share has a poetry lapbook lesson that you guys might like:

    It uses different works of literature to illustrate and teach about different types of poetry.
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    R is for Rhyme is perfect for what you want. We used it last year and it has EVERY kind of poetry in it.
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    A Treasury of Poetry for Young People
    The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury
    A Child's Introduction to Poetry

    There was a poetry book from Calvert Curriculum that I kept for years. Maybe the 3rd -4th grade book. Don't remember the name though. My older kids read it over and over again.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    The lapbook looks great; we'll definitely use atleast the Jabberwocky bits.
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    I wanted to suggest Shel Silverstein. I have loved "Where the SideWalk Ends" since I was a little girl. Some of his poems are off the wall but I think that's what draws me to them, lol. I mean, he wrote a poem about a toilet plunger!

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    My one and only public performance was taking part in a school talent show where I performed the Jabberwocky with my best friend. I was terrified! But I loved Shel Silverstein too and still have my copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends from when I was a kid.
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    Yep, we love Silverstein, too! (The other books everyone has posted also look really promising. Can't wait to check those out, as well!) We also really like the poems of Jack Prelutsky.
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Can you suggest a book of poetry for children?