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    Default Readers like BOB books

    My 5yo DS2 loves reading the BOB books, but absolutely refuses to re-read them. We are at a point where progressing is sometimes more frustrating than rewarding, but there is no convincing him to practice reading ones he's already read. He's incredibly stubborn Reading on screens doesn;t work well for him.

    So, I am curious about other very early readers that might be similar in the way they progress. We are taking it really easy with DS2 since he is a young 5 and I am mainly interested in following his lead right now....

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    progressive phonics is a website where you can print free readers. I bought some magic school bus ones, but the stories did not make sense unless you already knew them, i was not impressed. I'm pretty sure there are lots and lots of them - have you checked your library for very early readers? My son hated Bob books, and Elephant and Piggy were the only thing he was willing to read for a long time.
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    I just posted this elsewhere and here's what I've found...

    Now I'm Reading, Playful Pals, Level 1 - playful pals level 1: Nora Gaydos, BB Sams: 9781584762034: Books

    Step Into Reading, Phonics First Steps, Set 1 - Step into Reading Phonics First Steps, Set 1 (Phonics Boxed Sets) (0050694019123): Jennifer Liberts Weinberg, Ron Lieser: Books

    Sonlight I Can Read It - I Can Read It!

    We have the Sonlight books, and while they start phonetically and would work great for early readers, the stories are all in one book, one story per page, and it can be a bit overwhelming visually. I've heard of using a piece of paper to cover the text that's not being read, but I haven't tried it.

    I ordered the Playful Pals because it looked the most similar to Bob Books based on the Amazon "see inside" preview. It hasn't arrived yet though, so I can't speak for it personally I also can't speak for the other one, it was just recommended to me though so it's on my list.

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    We used Progressive Phonics with dd. They were simple and silly, and the shared reading approach worked really well with her. They are free, except for the cost of printing. Also, because it is shared reading (the parent reads the more difficult stuff) the "story" can be slightly more complex than what I have seen in the Bob Books.
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    My DS went from BOB books to the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, which he still loves.
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    Gerald and Piggy and progressive phonics have been big hits here.
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    Fly Guy's fairly similar. Usborne also has a set of readers that's pretty basic. The one I'd like to get is Songbirds Phonics from Oxford University Press, but as far as I can tell it's only available in the UK and I can't figure out the free ebook thing from them on my iPad.

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    Another vote for Progressive Phonics. My son learned to read using the BOB books and now he absolutely loves the Progressive Phonics books.
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    We are using the All About Reading program, and the readers that come with the program are great. You can just buy the readers.
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    Progressive Phonics is the best!

    The first 14 books from Hooked On Phonics Kindergarten level are great. You can sometimes find them separately on ebay. DS didn't like the HOP program at age 5, but the books alone were a hit when we tried them again at 7.

    You can also ask the librarian in the children's section to help you find books at the A-D level.

    When he's ready to move beyond the BOB level, I found books by Margaret Hillert to be the next ones that worked for DS. (The books are limited to 50-75 unique words, and include a lot of sight words.)

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Readers like BOB books