Longtime SHS'er Kristina is dropping in to hang out with us next week! Yay!!! For those of you who don't already know Kristina, she is a secular homeschooling blogger, teacher, web designer, and entrepreneur; she wears many hats! Kristina has been married almost 13 years and has a 10 year old (she'd like to know when the hell did that happen?!). She has worked from home since 2009, when she left teaching to dedicate herself to homeschooling her daughter. Her family thought they had it all together, but a cross-county move and horrible financial decisions left them broke and rethinking everything. Kristina has done everything from customer service to freelance writing to help make ends meet and her husband has driven for ride-share services and also worked for companies that made his skin crawl. They've managed to turn things around significantly, though, and love helping others do the same.

Join Kristina here next week to chat about all-things working and homeschooling!