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    Default Any potential blog reviewers out there??

    Any potential blog reviewers out there??
    If you've been homeschooling any length of time at all and follow other homeschooling blogs, you have probably come across at least one "Review Crew" post from a member of "The Old Schoolhouse." I love the idea behind these. A bunch of bloggers who review homeschool-related products and curriculum on their own blogs for the incentive of getting to try out new educational stuff for free. It's really cool to be able to find out what other homeschoolers think of different programs, and getting opinions on things without having to purchase them first?? Golden!!

    What I DON'T always appreciate about following these reviews from TOS bloggers is having to slog through the hundreds of faith-based references and reasonings - - especially when their decision to like or not like a particular product is simply because it is secular.

    So, I've been considering the idea of creating our OWN crew of blog reviewers. guessed it...reviewers of the SECULAR variety. I would love to offer our favorite secular vendors the opportunity to have their products reviewed by bloggers who AREN'T offended by evolution or stymied by more than one worldview. But what I don't know, is whether there is enough interest from you peeps to make that a real possibility. I'm thinking we would need a team of at least 100 bloggers to make it viable (possibly 150-200), since I'm sure not every blogger would want to review every product.

    Here's where I need your input. If you've had an active homeschool blog for 3 or more months, and think you might be interested in a regular opportunity (I'm thinking once a month) to review new secular homeschool products and curriculum in return for free trials/demos/samples/programs of those products and curriculum, how about piping in and letting us know. Going forward with this idea will depend totally on how large a response we get.

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    I would love to do it when I have had my blog for long enough
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    Count me in! I would love to participate in this.
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    I'd love to be in on this.

    Right now my blog is in hiatus because bloody "free" Blogspot is saying I now have to pay because I have uploaded more than a gig of photos.
    I am planning to move it to a Wordpress blog hosted on my own server so I can upload as many gazillion pics as we have space for.

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    I'm brand-spanking-new here, but I would love to give this a go!

    My website/blog is used for homeschool and other things.


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    I would definitely be interested. I've had my blog for a few years now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Isabel View Post
    I'd love to be in on this.

    Right now my blog is in hiatus because bloody "free" Blogspot is saying I now have to pay because I have uploaded more than a gig of photos.
    I am planning to move it to a Wordpress blog hosted on my own server so I can upload as many gazillion pics as we have space for.
    Wow, this might be something I have to worry about soon. I'm very picture heavy in my posts. I guess I can just take out some of the less necessary pictures since I've already had books made from my older posts.
    Back home after three years!!
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    I love this idea, whether I participate or not. We need more reviews of secular programs (or reviews of any program from a secular point of view). I've had a blog since 2009 but only just started my dedicated homeschool blog.
    Learning all the time with my 12 and 8 year olds.

    Not all Great Minds Think Alike

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    I would be interested. Finding secular reviews (and curricula) can be really hard sometimes. I have been blogging about 5 years now....

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    I've been wanting to blog about secular homeschooling for awhile now. This seems like it would be a wonderful opportunity. I've blogged a bit on our family blog, but I haven't really blogged about homeschool curriculum, so I'm not sure if I qualify or not. I am currently homeschooling 5th grade, 4th grade, and have twins in 1st grade. I recently switched reading/writing curriculum and am so glad I did. Let me know if I can be of any help
    ~Gigi Chickee
    Wife to my darling, gorgeous husband. Homeschooling stay-at-home mother to my four daughters, ages: 9, 8, and identical twin 5 year olds.

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    Define "active blog"

    I like the idea of free stuff, and might find a way to make it work for us, but, being realistic, I'm probably not a great candidate.
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Any potential blog reviewers out there??