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    I've been here for a long time. I have never felt that there is an issue with proselytizing here. I've seen it maybe a few times, but it goes away. It isn't well received or fed. This isn't fertile ground for those seeds. There are people here with specific beliefs, but this has not been a place where people are trying to get others to convert.
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    No, I agree with laundrycrisis. I dip in and out. Sometimes there is a post where someone is asking for advice and a religious perspective is useful. I am thinking in particular where a lady was being bullied horribly by her church. There it was appropriate to discuss the difference between not liking a church and not believing in God. So sometimes religious perspectives DO need to be discussed in order to be useful to the other person, but it is more in response to people's needs I think than as prolytisation. If that makes sense.
    Of course you could argue that the lady who was having problems with church shouldn't have posted here at all and that's a valid point, but what I like about this community is that it is inclusive and genuine. She was a secular homeschooler who went to church (as am I). She brought her church problems to this community because she trusted the group. I would be sorry to see that kind of discussion closed down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misha View Post
    I'm tired of seeing Judeo-Christian themed suggestions or questions littered about here; I simply don't understand why someone would post it here. If I had a question about religious curricula, etc., I would ask on another site.

    I respect other beliefs, I just want the same respect, and to me that translates to a site that is free of religious suggestions/questions.

    I honestly hope this isn't in reference to my "which Bible" question. I was/am frightened to ask that question on the only other homeschool site I belong to, WTM, because I know response would be negative.
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    i interpreted the *which Bible* thread as (Heather) asking how to expose her kids to have some familiarity with the stories. So entirely a secular question. Like asking what are the best books to learn greek or nordic mythology from.

    Everything gets talked about here, but its that the answers are from a secular perspective that make the difference. To me at least.

    My hackles go up at postlytizing, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFoxZoo View Post
    Is this a site where posts continually are spammed with posters gently pushing religious content or if I can trust what members say about their own experiences?
    Just following up on your question, TheFoxZoo. Sorry for a delay on response. While yes, obviously this site is for secular homeschoolers, certainly we get some "hopeful homeschoolers", some lurkers, and some trolls along for the ride too. The hope is that they either fall into the homeschooling category at some point in their journey or (in the case of the trolls) disobey enough of the site rules to get kicked right on out. Don't forget that lovely "report" option on posts. Since the admins can't possibly moderate each and every post, if you ever notice anyone not playing by the rules, all you have to do is use that little feature and we will be notified about it immediately. We have an infraction system, and when enough infraction points are incurred by any member, they are automatically banned. Hope that helps!!

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