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    So far we have read the first two books of the Catwings series. DD5 loved it. She declared afterwards that she wanted to write stories about catwings. So I explained to her what fan fiction was. Then later when DH was home, she described Catwings to him and said "And I am a fan, and I am going to write fan fiction" (so funny). I also liked reading it. We could get through a whole book as a bedtime read, and it was a nice story.

    DH has been reading her My Father's Dragon.

    Still waiting on some of the others from the main library.
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    Another one of our favorite short books - Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet
    mom to 3 girls: DD10, DD9, DD6

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    Have you considered audio books? After picture books, it is difficult for me to read aloud for a sustained period of time. Audio books saved me. There are so many good ones. We download many of them from the library. It allows us to listen to stories that are above the reading level of my child, but with stories that are still age-appropriate topic wise.

    While we listen, we may color, draw or knit to keep hands busy.
    A mama who teaches college writing, as well as help her 12-year-old in
    choosing his own life adventure. Using Global Village School to support our desire to develop a sense of social justice and global awareness.

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    Yes, we do audiobooks as well. Mainly in the car, not much at home because they never seem to want to listen to them at home. We did have a really good one of Alice Through the Looking Glass by Naxos Audiobooks that they listened to everywhere, multiple times through. It was really well done and interesting. I guess that is the thing with audiobooks, sometimes the reading style just does not connect and they don't want to listen, but I will see if our library has more of the Naxos ones.

    The short chapter books are just what DD5 wants right now. She does not want to listen to picture books, and she wants better stories than the ones that are either mass produced fiction or written specifically for early readers to be able to read then. But she also wants something that can be read to her completely within 30–45 min, so we can finish the entire story in a sitting.
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    My kids love audiobooks produced by Radio Theater. They are pretty close to the original text, by have different voices for different characters and other sound effects.
    mom to 3 girls: DD10, DD9, DD6

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    I would also add the Magic Treehouse Series, I read them aloud to all my kids at that age and they loved them. They are quick and there are still facts that my kids remember from them. There are so many of them that you could find a topic your 5 yo loves and start there. They are not books that you would want to read by yourself, but they were huge hits for my kids.
    DS16 with ASD, DD12 and DS10

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    My daughter still loves the short stories of Joan Aiken as read-alouds (The Serial Garden collects some). Other shorter reads: The Lighthouse Family series, some of Gail Carson Levine, William Steig's Abel's Island,and the very quirky Earwig and the Witch by Diana Wynne Jones (her book The Ogre Downstairs is also short and fun--she is much loved at our house).

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