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    Default Books for 8 Year old boy. help!!

    I am looking for chapter books for my 8 year old son. He is an excellent reader (significantly above grade level) but I am having a hard time finding books which will hold his interest. Mainly because he would rather read non-fiction and has been that way since he was around 3. I am hoping to get him more into reading stories but I am running out of ideas. His interests include hunting, survival, history, wars, prehistoric animals, and mythological creatures/mythology (big foot, hydra, cyclops, etc). He has read all of the "I Survived" books but they are a bit too easy for him. He can read an entire one between his going to be and lights out time of about an hour. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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    For *Literature* I pillage the Mensa for Kids list Excellence in Reading - Mensa for Kids
    (Read all the books and get a tshirt!)

    and the BraveWriter age appropriate lists:
    The Arrow Single Issues | Brave Writer
    (Whether or not I use the reading guide to go with it.)

    I also sorted the lists into order by timeperiod of setting so that they can follow along with what we are learning in history.

    There are plenty of other booklists you can work from.

    I find that the above lists satisfy my desire that my boy reads non-fluff*.
    On his own, he is currently reading what looks like a fluffy PercyJackson copycat series. Our pitifully small library has a few shelves of *whats trending with kids nowadays* - browse your local equivalent, see what it turns up.

    Is there a problem with preferring non-fiction?

    * Can replace 'fluff' with 'twaddle' if youd like to be more snobbish.

    Hatchett is a story about a boy who is in a plane crash and tries surviving the summer on his own.... I thought it was cheezy but DS enjoyed it. The Mensa list is full of what appear to be kids being remarkably independent.
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    My almost 8 liked Geronimo Stilton for awhile, but he also prefers non-fiction when reading on his own. Could you read fiction to him, to get him interested?

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    oh! I had forgotten about the Mensa list. I believe I actually printed that at one point....

    Hatchet is on his upcoming list as well as the books that follow. He also has My side of the Mountain and Swiss Family Robinson on deck.

    There is nothing wrong with him reading non-fiction at all. I feed that need as often as I can. He has stacks and stacks of non-fiction but eventually he is going to have to step outside of his box and read other things so I am trying to turn him on to other options.

    We are about to start reading Percy Jackson. He wanted to at this time last year but there are a lot of characters to keep up with so I wanted him to wait a little while longer.

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    We tried Geronimo Stilton, and while I really enjoyed them, he is not one for talking animals as the main character. He is my very literal child. If you tell him it is 4:00 when it is really 3:57, he will point it out immediately. I find it really strange that he doesn't care for that type of book because of his fascination with mythological creatures but it is what it is, I suppose.

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    We haven't had much luck either- my 8 year old twin boys would rather read NF than stories. For now, I am just letting them. We will do Mosdos Pearl next year, and that is all I will require as far as fiction goes. We may do some historical fiction, but I think they will like that a little more than regular fiction. They have liked our read alouds, we just finished Harry Potter, the first book, and they loved it, but would not want to spend that much time reading a book themselves.

    At the library I have asked for recommendations, they read some weird school series, another about a cat- maybe Splat the Cat?, MTH, Authur and maybe some other character books, but mine have really not got into any series yet. I think it may be a maturity thing, and not have anything to do w/ ability. NF books often have much higher reading comprehension and word usage than Fiction books, so just give it some more time Just because he can read at that level may not mean he wants to spend his time doing that, or that he will be interested in those types of books quite yet.
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    Has he read the Overland Chronicles? My daughter loved those. I think she was maybe nine when she read them.
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    Have you looked at the Book adventure site? You can find tons of book suggestions at any grade level, for any subject. They even have quick quizzes. You can also get high interest low level books. Stories that are for young adults, like Swiss Family Robinson, but rewritten for 2nd and 3rd grade levels.

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Books for 8 Year old boy. help!!