My son is blissfully flying through level 1 of AAR. (we will be ordering level 2 after the holidays) The readers that come with the kit are pretty basic for him. (He does enjoy them)

Any suggestions of books for him to read aloud along with the program? I am not looking for something to replace the readers from the program. I have a house FULL of books and just wondering what you use or how you choose.

He is 7...loves "Morris the Moose" and "Fly Guy" He' great at segmenting and sounding out new and longer words. Last year his school really held him up in reading... He is very bright and learns and picks up new "everythings" pretty easily.
So just wondering if anyone has suggestions that build on the lessons.. OR: am I just over thinking this.... and should just let him choose and pick and not try to match it up.

[smacks forehead] pretty sure I just answered my own question...BUT suggestions are always glorious :-)