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    Default Fall is in the air

    Yesterday I made a Big Pot of Homemade Vegetable soup, using ingredients, from our garden. Today I plan on making crustless pumpkin pie and banana (bread, cake, or cookies) cannot decide......Autumn is my favorite season and cannot wait for it to get here!!!

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    It has been cool in the morning here. It feels great, the promise of Fall, my favorite season also.

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    Fall is my favorite too! It's been cool here the past few days and I love it! I dread the thought of the September heat wave we often get. I'm particularly excited about this fall because it's our first homeschool year. We will officially start the day after Labor Day.
    homeschooling mother of Louisa (10yo) and Daniel (7yo)

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    Quote Originally Posted by octobersky69 View Post
    Yesterday I made a Big Pot of Homemade Vegetable soup, using ingredients, from our garden. Today I plan on making crustless pumpkin pie and banana (bread, cake, or cookies) cannot decide......Autumn is my favorite season and cannot wait for it to get here!!!
    Yes! I've been busting out the Crock Pot lately--beef stew, minestrone, roast chicken. It's so nice to bake again, too.

    Getting this cool weather in August is a treat--all the fun and no school work looming over us! Only bummer is that we planned a trip to a petting zoo/spray park on Friday and it looks like the weather isn't going to cooperate.
    Mother of two monkeys...daughter age 10 and son age 11.5.

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    We're excited about fall here too. It was actually 68* inside our house this morning, and it hasn't dipped lower than 71 in quite a while!
    Nicole-Mom to DD, 5, and DS, 3.

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    Goodness, I can't imagine being grateful for cooler weather! Fall is in the air here too, I always notice the light changing in about mid-August, and I noticed it last weekend. But we haven't had summer! The PNW has had such a cold year, it's ridiculous. The Seattle area has had something like 350 *minutes* over 80 degrees since June 1, and the island where I live has probably not hit 75 for that long. I want HEAT. And yet, summer is drawing to a close, the light is shifting, the days getting shorter again..... Bah.
    Rose, mama to 3 boys:
    ~ the reader/programmer, 9, elementary school
    ~ the artist/naturalist, 7, part-time forest school + home
    ~ the charmer/keep-upper, 4, part-time preschool + home

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    Ah, geographic diversity! We are so different down here (Tampa, FL). It was 87 degrees yesterday, heat index of 102. Today is slightly overcast so it's only 84 with a heat index of 95. I would love some Autumn but we won't see lows in the 70s much less highs in the 70s until October or early November!

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    It's shifted here in Maine as well. Although it's a bit humid and very rainy, we are firmly in late summer. Still surrounded by boxes in my kitchen I'm wondering how I'm going to manage putting anything up this year, but the canning pot is out and at the ready for when I manage to get some time and energy. We've been gorging on fresh veggies from the farmers markets and my son is already clamoring for pumpkin pie.

    Watching the wood piles grow in the neighbors' drives and wondering how much we'll go through...
    Mama to one son (12)

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    Here in Ohio we've been having days in the 80s, which is still too warm for me! I am so ready for fall - all of my chili and soup recipes are calling to me. I'm also looking forward to apple cake and pumpkin cookies. I do love fall!

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    We have the opening day of our local apple orchard on the calendar to go apple picking this fall. Our pumpkins are growing, and we've been canning produce like mad. Yes, it's the end of summer.....

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Fall is in the air