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    Default What to do with a head of cabbage?

    I got one from our produce co-op and it seems like a waste to not use it. But everytime I think of cooking it I imagine stinking up the house.

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    I would make my husbands family's cabbage rolls, but if you don't want to cook it, how about a cabbage salad or a slaw?
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    I don't mind cooking it, but can you do it without it smelling up the house? Didn't someone mention they make cabbage soup that was pretty good?

    Wife to my guy, mom to 3 lovely ladies, caretaker of one small zoo

    Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. - Special Agent Dale Cooper

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    Slice it raw and put it in peanut or sesame noodles. Yum!
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    We do Cabbage Stew, the sausage covers the smell. I use 6-8 big potatoes, and cook them slightly soft adding in a bit of bullion. Then I cut of sausage of your choice, I like the generic large link sausage from our HEB best, it is a bit spicier. I use 1 medium sweet onion chopped, then add the cabbage, and just cook till the cabbage is mostly clear and the potatoes are done. Add salt, pepper, and cajun seasoning or red pepper to taste. Very simple, and very good.

    I will also add sausage and cabbage to a vegetable soup.
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    Cabbage Patch Stew: Brown a pound or so of ground beef, add onion, cabbage, diced tomotoes (or sauce is okay), mushrooms (fresh or canned) and a can or so of chili beans. My hubby like to just use cans of kidney beans and add his own chili seasoning. Doesn't stink up the house as I recall.

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    I dont find cabbage to smell. I cook it two ways, braised, and in lentil soup. Braised you just saute in a bit of margerine in a saute pan and then add some broth and cover and cook maybe 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until tender. You can season however you like, i had a white wine worcester I used to like. Lentil soup - add the cabbage the last 20-30 minutes and its so tender and tasty.
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    Chop some up and use it in fried rice. Cole slaw. In a salad.
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    The January 2010 issue of Martha Stewart (yeah, I know, I know) had several fantastic cabbage recipes. We liked the shredded napa cabbage salad and the Chinese cabbage stir fry. She also has a recipe for stuffed savoy cabbage that I thought looked great and easy enough to make vegetarian (it calls for pork and beef). Or how about in wonton wrappers with other veggies? I second putting it in a salad too, one head of cabbage lasts our family forever and we can never seem to eat the entire thing, even though we all like it.
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    We prefer our cabbage raw (and this time of year eat a lot of it) our slaw is a no recipe mixture of shredded cabbage and carrots (if I feel like grating them or the cabbage is particularly pale) vinegar, garlic, salt, a bit of sweetener - either sugar or honey, a spoonful of fish sauce and some toasted sesame oil. Sometimes I'll substitute orange or lime juice for the vinegar if I use orange juice I leave out the fish sauce.
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What to do with a head of cabbage?