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    Default What are your "Im not cooking dinner" dinners?

    I need some slacker inspiration, please.

    What are the quickest, easiest things you fix for your family when youre not in the mood, or too busy / tired to prepare a typical meal?

    Im coming off a flu, so have exhausted my normal standbys.
    Spaghetti with (frozen) meatballs (Rebranded: Turkeyballs!) is one at our house.
    Sausage (not breakfast) wrapped in crescent rolls is our other. I rebranded it as CMOT Dibblers SausageInnaBun, because surely adding a Pratchett reference makes it more interesting? Or if not, can blame it on CMOT.
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    DS has his own meals that are super easy because he eats about 10 different items in different combinations.

    For DH and I the super-easy meals are:

    Frozen burritos
    Tomato soup with sandwich or crackers
    Ramen soup with whatever leftover meat in the fridge/freezer and frozen veg
    Pasta and sauce

    It sounds like we live in a college dorm.

    But we make our own frozen meals for ourselves too. So frequently, as long as I remember to take something out of the freezer, I have a heat and serve meal already in the fridge.

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    Frozen pizza and salad
    Roasted red pepper and tomato soup and grilled cheese
    Trader Joe's Mandarin Chicken with green beans and rice
    Spaghetti and Trader Joe's meatballs and a salad
    Easy protein (meatballs, kielbasa) + green beans or salad or asparagus + frozen bread rolls
    Bacon or sausage and eggs with fruit
    Roast chicken from Costco + green beans + rolls from Costco
    Frozen fish sticks with roasted potatoes and fresh cole slaw
    Hot dogs and fruit salad
    Chopped salads with bacon and cheese

    There are others, but that's the basics... There's also the related category of 20 minute meals that involve more hands on time like...

    Homemade ramen
    Burgers and roasted potatoes
    Chicken sandwiches and roasted potatoes
    Homemade fried rice
    Stir fry and rice or noodles
    Chicken noodle soup
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    Broiler food:
    Frozen meatball sandwiches under the broiler
    Tuna Melts
    Chicken Breast skewers - 8 min under the broiler
    Cheesy garlic bread under the broiler (hot dog buns) with marinara to dip

    Breakfast food:

    Or PBJs
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    Frozen pizza
    Annie's mac and cheese
    Slow cooker meals
    If I'm really in a no cook mood, I point the family in the direction of the pantry and fridge, with a "lots of luck" thrown in for good measure.
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    Frozen pizza, or Chicken and Rice in the instant pot.

    Honestly, anything in the Instant Pot is good for people that hate cooking. Love that thing!

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    frozen pizza is the fall back for us. Or, throw something in the instant pot and 45 minutes later eat

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    frozen pizza; frozen chicken wontons w/ rice and salad or veggie; salmon from costco w/ rice and salad/veggie; LEFTOVERS!
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    A crockpot easy. Put some potatoes veggies a meat and some water and I dont have to touch it after that. But my first go to is spagghetti.
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    umbers cucumbers!!!!

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    Bean and cheese toastadas
    Egg and potato or bean and rice burritos
    Beef and cabbage stir fry from Budget Byte$ I use a packet of taco seasoning as a short cut vs all the spices listed.
    Pasta and marinara or pesto
    Some type of cracker or toast toppings (nut butter, hummus, cheese, avocado) with fruit
    Roasted chickpea gyros with homemade tzatziki (I make mine less spicy than the recipe so the kids will eat it)
    Worst case - cereal
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What are your "Im not cooking dinner" dinners?