• Learning to Homeschool with the Seasons!

    4seasons-jpgSpring has Sprung and I am SO ready to be done with the school year! I guess part of that is because the Pacific Northwest gets SO much cloudy and rainy weather and we are stuck inside doing our homeschool lessons and/or preschool lessons....that once we get a sunny day....BOOM....we are done! Out the door and taking advantage of it! I honestly think that is why after our 1st year of homeschooling, I switched us from following traditional public school schedule to homeschooling year-round. We end in mid-June and start up again at beginning of August! This allows us to play hooky and take advantage of AWESOME days in the weather!
    And for some reason, this Spring has been exceptionally hard on all of us with cabin fever(Are you hearing the Muppet's Treasure Island Cabin Fever song yet?!LOL)! We have become a bickering, snotty, crabby group of people! My boys are bickering over their online games and who should help who.....the daycare kids are bickering over who has the better little people house and rather than settling down when I separate them....it seems to simmer and start up again when they get back together. And of course, having a houseful of bickering, crabby kids makes ME crabby and insane! Of course we have had nothing but rain, rain and more rain while the better part of the country had lovely weather for the past couple of months.....I was so envious of friends and family as they talked about gorgeous weather! Trade ya!LOL
    So, when I read recent blog posts about other homeschoolers that homeschool WITH the Seasons, I decided I like that idea! It seems possible! It seems normal, it seems like a plan that I need to put in action IMMEDIATELY! I mean, it was like a V-8 moment(except I did NOT whack myself in the forehead! These kids give me enough of a headache some days without self-inflicting one!)! DUH! I shop with the Seasons, I plant with the Seasons, why not homeschool with the Seasons!
    So...I am on a mission to work out lesson plans for our 2012-2013 school year and not only reduce our cabin fever but make us happy to homeschool until the end of the year....not ready to bail at first hint of sunshine!LOL I know there are other families out there that are either doing this or considering it as well, because when I posted the link on Facebook about it last month....it got a lot of comments! Glad to know that I am not the only one!
    Get out those flip-flops, sunhats, tea jug and blow off those winter cobweb blahs....grab your schoolwork today and head OUTSIDE to homeschool in the sunshine!
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      ceruleanskies001 -
      I know this is an older entry but this is exactly why we educate year round. We lived in Eastern Oregon for 3 of his formidable "preschool" years and found that summer was too hot and smokey and winter had too much snow, forcing us house bound. The bulk of our learning at home time came when most folks are taking breaks.
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