• May Arts and Crafts Project: Flower Art

    April showers bring May flowers! Flowers, flowers, everywhere! It seems we went from the first hint of spring to yards bursting with flowers all over the neighborhood. The air smells of fresh-cut grass, morning dew, and flowers. My kitchen table has a vase full of fresh-cut lilacs from my yard. It smells divine. This monthís Homeschool Arts and Crafts Project will focus on flowers ó as always, be sure to read down to the end to get homeschool educational flower facts to share with your kids.

    May is here, and thatís awesome, but weíre still living in a time warp. Our world has changed a lot in the last few months; many of us are stuck at home, kids are getting cabin fever and driving us bonkers. Secular Homeschoolís Arts and Crafts Project of the Month is here to help you! Not only will it give you something to change up your homeschooling day, but you can get out, get exercise (think PE!), and either travel the neighborhood ( donít forget to wave to your elderly neighbors stuck inside) or explore your own yard.

    Flowers are not just for dressing up your yard or filling vases. They have so many other uses and my favorite is art. This time of year is perfect for it. Mother Nature gives us a bounty and we will show you how to utilize it for homeschool crafts!

    Dandelion Art

    These little yellow puffballs are everywhere. What kid doesnít love blowing that white puff and watching them dance on the breeze. Now you can create your own dandelion puff art.

    • Toilet paper tube, 1 per child recommended
    • White paint
    • Dark construction paper, blue or black works best.
    • Scissors; may need adult supervision or assistance
    • White or green crayon


    1. Use the scissors to cut narrow strips down the toilet paper tube, about half-way. You want to leave a solid section to be used as a hand-hold. I would estimate about ľ-⅓ of an inch in width for each strip. Parent assistance may be needed.
    2. Bend the strips outward slightly. You want to make it almost look like a flower.
    3. Dip it lightly in the white paint.
    4. Apply to your construction paper. Press down lightly, it should spread out and give you a circular almost splash pattern of paint. You can repeat several times on the same spot.
    5. Let dry.
    6. Use your white or green crayon to draw the stem.
    7. You can create several on a sheet of paper or just one. There is no wrong way to do this.
    8. Congrats, you just created dandelion puffs.

    Fun Facts:
    You might think these little yellow flowers are annoying weeds. Think again!

    • These flowers are the first food of spring for emerging bees, bugs, and butterflies. Leave them be. If you want to pull them, wait until the yellow flower subsides but before it becomes the known puffball.
    • Did you know that dandelions are healthy food for people and animals? You can eat the entire dandelion from flower to root and they taste pretty good. Many pets like them as well. I grow them for my bearded dragon, my rabbit, and my tortoise. Warning: Please do not consume or feed your pets any dandelions that you didnít grow.I.E., donít pick them at the park for your dinner, you do not know if or what pesticides and/or chemicals may have been used in that area. We keep our yard pesticide and herbicide-free for that reason. If you want to eat them, consider growing them in a container garden.
    • Dandelions have many medicinal uses. They may help ailments such as joint pain and high blood sugar and have been used for hundreds of years.
    • Dandelions are not native to North America. They were brought across by Europeans in the 1600s and quickly spread (as they are known to do).

    Flower Rubbings

    We are all familiar with leaf rubbings but have you heard of flower rubbings? Consider it an upgrade. You can create a flower painting without painting at all. Just a little elbow grease, some heavy-duty paper, and a colorful flower.


    • Heavy-duty paper; such as cardstock or watercolor paper
    • Child-size hammer, wooden block or small rock (smooth-sided works better)
    • Colored pencils or crayons
    • Flowers; deeply colored work better for transfer. Avoid fluffy or thick flowers as they will not transfer well.
    • Paper towels or newspapers.


    1. Lay down your paper. Tape to the surface if needed to prevent movement.
    2. Position the flower face down. Whatever you face towards the paper is what will transfer.
    3. Lay several layers of paper towels or newspapers over the flower.
    4. Lightly tap the entire flower with the hammer (rock or block).
    5. Peek to see how it is transferring. Do a second time with the hammer if needed. You want to transfer the colors from the flower and stem, not crush them.
    6. Remove paper towels/newspapers. Remove flower. Admire your art.
    7. If your edges are not as sharp as you would like, fill it in with your colored pencils or crayons.
    8. Experiment with different flowers. The darker the color, the darker the transfer.
    9. Experiment with different items to transfer with. I found a heavy wooden or marble rolling pin worked quite well.

    Fun Facts:

    • Flowers grow on every continent, including Antarctica. I know, I had to double-check that but they have 2 species of flowering plants. Crazy!
    • Watermeal, a type of duckweed is the smallest flower. The plant itself is the size of a grain of rice. WHAT!?
    • Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest flower. It comes from Indonesia, with a bloom of up to 3 feet across and weighing up to 15 pounds. Wonder where you get a vase for that?
    • Many types of flowers are edible. Try growing some marigolds or nasturtiums to add to your salad.
    • Check out the oldest known flower, over 100 million years old. Montsechia

    Have fun, enjoy being outside, getting fresh air, smelling the flowers, and most of all - share your homeschool art projects with us on Instagram!

    If you have any questions, comments or just want to chat, feel free to email me [email protected]
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