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    Grade Level: K-12
    Subjects Covered: Full Curriculum that is customizable
    Category: Secular
    Available Access: Printable (K-2) and online (3-12)
    Worldwide Availability

    The Calvert brand has a rich academic background and has helped families homeschool for over 100 years. As a leading homeschooling curriculum publisher, Calvert Educationís award-winning products have enabled thousands of families to discover the amazing benefits of homeschooling. All of Calvertís curriculum operates on Mastery Learning which begins with the belief that all students should have complete comprehension of a concept before moving on to the next. They do this by testing students at the end of each section to ensure each student has complete mastery before moving on to the next.

    Program Features

    • Customizable programs
    • Mainly online
    • Variety of lesson formats
    • Free placement tests

    Pricing Information

    • FREE 1 Month Trial is offered, after that, prices start as stated below.
    • Grade K Complete Print Package with Starter Kit $159.95
    • Grade 1 Complete Print Package with Starter Kit $399.95
    • Grade 2 Complete Print Package with Starter Kit $379.95
    • $39.95 per month for 1 child/$399.95 per year for 1 child
    • $69.95 per month for up to 3 children/$699.95 per year for up to 3 children
    • Due to the customization on this program, prices can vary from $99 and up, as you can choose to sign-up for full program (prices listed above) or purchase individual subjects/packages in each grade.
    • $229 and up per month if you chose to switch to Calvert Academy (see more info below)

    Other uses

    • Can utilize Calvert Homeschoolís full curriculum without the need to supplement your homeschool. You can also choose to purchase individual subjects per grade level. If you like the Math course elsewhere but need a Language Arts course for your 3rd grader, you can select just one subject from Calvert..
    • Can be used to brush up on a subject that your child is lacking in.
    • Can be used as a summer boost program to get your child to the next level or assist in what they were lacking in public school.

    My Review

    This is my personal review of Calvert Homeschool. I have homeschooled both my own children, and children within my childcare. I have used Calvert Homeschool and can discuss multiple features and grade levels of this program. My overall opinion of Calvert Homeschool is it is a great program.

    The online aspect is important to me. Running a childcare center is hard enough, but add in suddenly homeschooling my own children and we knew we needed a full curriculum. I would love to be one of those moms who is a curriculum whiz and can create it all. That isnít me. A full, customizable, online curriculum was our ticket. Having one that covered all grade levels, including high school, was even more important.

    Calvert Homeschool provides that and more. They offer Kindergarten through 2nd grade as a printable program, which makes sense as that age doesnít always like to sit at a computer to learn. Fun, printable, easy-to-use lessons--that are colorful to boot--made it enjoyable for my littles versus a chore. Though the rest of the online courses are so thorough, I would like to see an online option for grades K-2nd.

    Grades 3rd-12th are online and fully customizable. You can sign up for the full program at a set monthly or yearly price as stated above, or you can pick and choose subjects at each grade level, prices vary. We chose to check out the full, online curriculum. Grades 3rd-12th are granted access to the coursework, a school calendar and message board.

    Your online plan gives you access to over 45 online homeschooling courses, across the 4 main subjects of math, history/geography, language arts/spelling and science. It is fully online, no installation needed, and accessible from anywhere with WiFi. If you have internet access, you can homeschool. We tried it on our laptops, our phones and our tablet. It was easily available on all 3 options.

    While I was pleased with language arts and math options at each grade level, my boys were pleased with the science and especially history classes. Classes seem comprehensive, informable and fun while still learning. I would highly recommend Calvert Homeschool as a timesaving and doable option for a homeschool family looking for a comprehensive online curriculum. Their parent/student support section is excellent. They are prompt and quick to assist with any needs, questions or issues.


    Calvert also offers a teacher-supported online school, Calvert Academy. If homeschooling is the way you want to go, but things like life, work, etc. get in the way of you being able to teach your child, you may want to explore Calvert Academy which is a private school. It is available online, accessible anytime, and the teachers are available for communication via phone, email or online meetings with both the parent and the student. You will receive an individualized learning plan based on the studentís goals and style of learning. This is a mastery-based, student led, self-paced curriculum. Prices start at $229.


    1. Lots of class choices plus classes were enjoyable and easy to understand.
    2. Placement tests: the fact they have these eases the parentís mind and provides insight into what their child is retaining and learning. Plus, the tests are free!
    3. Website is easy to use and understand. Access to classes and reports are user friendly. Customer service is excellent. Any question I had was promptly answered and taken care of.
    4. The cost is higher than other online sites but compared with picking, purchasing, and planning your own curriculum it is worth it.


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    Calvert Homeschool is a part of our 2020 Top Choice Secular List.

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