• Surviving the Homeschool Winter Blues

    Winter is almost here, in many places…. it feels like it has already arrived. I swear once the dark, gloomy weather arrives I am over homeschooling and feel that we should be hibernating. We need a break. A BIG break.

    The crazy of holidays, the excess of relatives, the MOM chaos that follows holiday season. I just can’t homeschool successfully. I learned that our first year. I was gonna do it ALL. I had a plan, we were homeschooling through the holidays, kids got small breaks and BAM…. holidays hit, Mom got overwhelmed and that was that. I felt horrible. We missed SO much school. I had failed.

    Guess what. I did NOT fail. I learned a valuable lesson. Not to overschedule us. To allow more breaks. Breaks are OK! Breaks are needed. We homeschool, duh. That means we do it when we want, how we want, where we want.

    Fast forward to the next school year, I changed us up to homeschooling year-round. We have more breaks throughout the year but ESPECIALLY during the holidays. We homeschool like normal up until the week before Thanksgiving. Then holiday rush is here. We homeschool more with movies, worksheets, books, easy lesson plans and if we are too busy, homeschool lessons become life skills. How to pay for things? Estimation of cost of gifts. How to drive safely in traffic. Watching for shoppers. How not to swear in front of your kids, HAHA! How much food do we need for the visiting relatives? How to safely put up Christmas lights. Technically, we are still schooling just in a more relaxed, different way.

    Then, the 2 weeks of Winter Break that most public schools take, we take too. We have earned it. Why not! I mean we will still be doing school of some sort, whether it be playing with the educational toys Mom snuck under the tree or enjoying a documentary as a family while snuggled on the couch. But overall, school sits in the homeschool room.

    I use this time to plan for the next year. What has worked for us so far? What didn’t work? Do we need to replace our math program? What are the kids interests right now and how can I add it. My holiday present to myself is usually a brand new planner, some fun pens and a special coffee. One morning soon you will find me up early, snuggled in my chair, blanket on my lap and diligently working on our 2020 school year while I sip a fancy coffee feeling like the queen of homeschool.

    This much needed break resets and recharges all of us, mentally and physically. I feel like when January 2 rolls around, we can sit down and homeschool. The sugar charged, relative laden, chaos is behind us. We can enjoy our 2020 school year and finish out our year in style…. Wearing our new PJ’s! LOL

    Hope everyone survives the holidays and wishing all SHS’ers a Happy New Year!! May 2020 bring you health, wealth, happiness and a FANTASTIC homeschool year!
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