• To read or not to read, THAT is the question and I have the answer!


    Maybe you are a reader, fantastic. Maybe it isnít your thing, no worries. Life is funny in that readers can have readers or readers can give birth to non-readers. I have often pondered this and have yet to come up with a reason or theory. These are my late at night, canít sleep because my brain wonít shut off thoughts.

    My Mom is a reader, my father was not. I taught myself to read at age 4 (Thank you Dr. Seuss!) and am a voracious reader. I doubt my brother has picked up a book since High School.
    I married a reader. His mother is a reader, his father is not. Our youngest is a voracious reader like us. Oldest reads, but only what he likes, not often and not much.

    What makes a reader? No idea. My brother and I were both provided with tons of books, my Mom read to us and yet here we are. One who reads and one who couldnít care less.

    My boys had a shelf full of books before they were born. Books have ALWAYS been available. You want a book, Mom buys you a book. Currently we have 6 totes in the garage of all their childhood books. I saved them all. I read to them every night, despite the fact that reading out loud makes me yawn and feel tired (no idea why, weird that way!). While homeschooling we have reading time. I assigned books during high school years and we read AND reviewed them as a family. YET, I ended up with a reader and a meh reader.

    I guess what I am trying to say in my rambling, is that donít stress over your child and reading. You can give them the fundamentals, you can see that they can read but what they choose to do after that is up to them. I feel like it is like anything in life, either you are good at it and enjoy it OR you can do it, but it is a chore. I feel like I would DIE without a book. I know there are people out there that feel like they would DIE if they had to read a book. To each, their own.
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