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    September means back-to-school, end of Summer, beginning of Fall, pumpkins, leaves and brisk days. Sweaters come out of storage, coats are at the ready, rubber boots for tromping through puddles are bought. I love Fall. Well, technically I love Spring, Summer AND Fall for all the differences they bring to Mother Nature and our homeschool. But Fall seems like the last hurrah before the coldness of Winter arrives. BRRRR

    Fall also means so many opportunities for learning. You may have JUST started back to homeschooling. You may be a month or more into your new school year. Either way, Fall into learning with these great ideas.

    Put aside some curriculum to make sure you have time to enjoy all that Fall has to offer. Wondering how to add Fall Learning to your schedule, here ya go!

    • Field trip time to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard for the harvest! Fall brings the arrival of many yummy treats. Apples are ripe, pumpkins, gourds and other squash are ready. The last of the corn harvest. Whether you join a homeschool group or visit on your own, these places are full of info. Learn about the types of pumpkins or apples grown. What are they traditionally used for? What do they do with the leftovers? How many does the farmer grow normally? What is the biggest pumpkin they have grown? And it doesn’t have to end there. Bring your goodies home. Dissect a pumpkin, label the parts. Save some seeds to plant next year. Open up an apple and use it for stamp painting. Read up on Johnny Appleseed.

    • Nature walk around your neighborhood. Great time to meet the neighbors and study the local foliage. Collect fallen leaves to bring home. Observe the animals preparing for Winter. Take pictures of different trees changing colors. When you get home. Research the types of leaves you collected. Then create leaf rubbings of them to keep for future study. Create an art collage with them. Pull up your pictures of the different trees and find out why the maple goes red or the oak goes yellow. What types of critters did you see and what might they have been collecting for food storage? Journal what you observed.

    • Preparing your home for Fall/Winter. This might seem mundane and WHY have the kids help. It will take me twice as long. Life skills and home education. They will be adults and homeowners some day. They need to know and understand why you are covering vents, protecting pipes, raking leaves from drains. Why do you clear out the gutters? What happens if you don’t? Where does the rainwater go? Create rain barrels and save water.Study water conservation. Test your rainwater, observe it under a microscope. They might whine about doing it, but years later they will thank you.

    • Fall Equinox. Why do we observe and celebrate the Fall equinox. Why does it land on that day? What happens to the days? What part in history did it have? What cultures celebrated it? Create your own Fall Equinox traditions. Make bread or Fall muffins together. Have a harvest soup. Better yet, use the gatherings from your field trip to cook something the whole family can enjoy.

    I would love to stay and chat more but I saved about a dozen new soup recipes over the Summer and am just itching to try them now that the cooler weather is here. Off to make a grocery list and take a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven. Dinner tonight will be definitely FALL! Homemade pumpkin cookies for dessert. YUM!

    Happy Fall Learning Y’all!
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