• Why online learning is a valuable resource to consider!

    juneshsnlolimage-jpg So, when we became accidental homeschoolers eons ago, it happened literally overnight. My oldest went to a normal day at public school, to coming home at the end of the day with a suspension for defending himself when attacked. He was suspended, the other 2 kids were not. This was the straw that broke the camelís back with public school for us. And poof, we were suddenly homeschoolers.

    I liken suddenly becoming homeschoolers to suddenly quitting your job. It felt really good to do it. Then you get to angry mode. And doubt mode. Then panic mode. It was during panic mode that I realized I had NO PLAN! NONE. I was capable of teaching toddlers(I run a childcare/preschool). Not a 6th grader. We barely survived the math he brought home the week before. OMG! BreatheÖ.


    I googled the heck out of homeschooling. How to homeschool. Homeschool laws in my area. Creating your own curriculum. Online curriculum. Online public schools. Homeschool co-ops. Homeschool groups. Types of homeschooling. It became one of those moments where suddenly you are 27 pages deep. I was so deep, I donít know where I started! LOL But, I did feel more confident about our homeschooling decision.

    We decided to go with online learning. Why? Well, while I work from home, I do not have all day to devote to homeschooling. I needed something that my son could work on independently when needed. With my childcare business , my only freetime was/is naptime. We based our homeschool day around that. Researching online curriculum and online learning, I stumbled across Time4Learning. It was the best move ever. Here was a curriculum, planned out for me. Lessons were both animated and not. He could do his schoolwork but if he needed help, he could stop and wait until I was able to sit with him. I loved that I could see his work through the Parent Portal and print out his year, should my State question anything. The pressure to create something he could/would use was gone. We could focus on the FUN part of homeschooling while he learned via online learning. Which is what we did. If there was something he wanted to learn that T4L didnít offer, we found material to learn from. But it was not imperative. I loved that T4L did not have a schedule. We could work 100% at our pace. Several other online learning that I had found, required regular check-ins, learning on their schedule, etc. which I felt took away from the whole more relaxed point of homeschooling.

    Let me tell you, I tried one year to create my own curriculum for both of my boys. It was bad. BAD. I canít tell you how bad. They hated it. I hated it. I would forget to get stuff printed off. Despite a schedule they felt like they were floundering. Instructions for stuff was limited. They would fight me on getting it done, I would be busy and not grade their work. It was just bad. Not my forte and I was fine with that. I questioned myself for years if I could do it. I see so many other Moms online do it. Kudos to them. It was not my thing. I tried and realized I sucked at it. We went back to online learning, much to my boys delight. And we agreed to not talk about that year. We have been online learning ever since. Even at their age now, their college learning is online learning. It works perfectly for their schedules. They can work and have a social life, yet still work on college as they have time.

    Does online learning have to be your thing? NO! Can it be a lifesaver if you have a life event (move, childbirth, death, etc.) and need a little help until things calm down? YES! Can it be a supplement for a subject or a full curriculum? YES! Is it for every kid? Nope. But donít scroll past the idea of online learning because it can be a great homeschool tool!
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