• “Where in the Secular Homeschool Community is Flat Stanley??” Contest BEGINS!


    It is HERE! It really and truly is! Flat Stanley is on his way to our first family! That means the “Where in the Secular Homeschool Community is Flat Stanley??” Contest is ON!

    Such a great adventure so far and we have barely started! Our Flat Stanley version was given life by me. He kindly let me snap a quick selfie before leaving Portland, Oregon on his way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was sad to see him go, but know it was time for him to stretch his legs.

    From April 1 until June 30, 2019, Flat Stanley along with a copy of his original book will make their way across the United States spending 1 week visiting each lucky family that signed up! During that week, the lucky family gets to take Flat Stanley out on homeschooling adventures. So much fun!

    At some point during the week, we would love if you would snap some pictures and share on your I Instagram page, tagging it with #secularhomeschoolflatstanley2019 . We will share them on our social media sites, so the whole secular homeschool community can follow Flat Stanley on his Spring/Summer adventures! Exciting!

    As for the contest requirements, take a short couple minute video of Flat Stanley on your homeschooling adventure. It can be one adventure or it can be a compilation video of the whole week. That is entirely up to you. Make sure to submit it to our contest link and at the end of the entry period, all submitted videos will be judged. One lucky winner will be picked and win a Flat Stanley Boxed Set.

    At the end of your week with Flat Stanley, pack him and his book up, bid them a fond farewell and ship them back to our main office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This ensures that no addresses are shared outside of our office. Once he returns to Florida, he will be repacked and sent off on his next adventure.

    You can follow the places he has visited on this map! We will be updating it as he adventures around the United States.

    Once all videos are submitted by the end of June, a panel of judges of our choosing will pick a winner. The winner will notified by email. Thank you to all who have entered so far.

    If this adventure sounds like too much fun and you want to get in on it, you STILL can. Check out our original article HERE and sign-up to have Flat Stanley visit you.

    We can’t wait to follow along with Flat Stanley and his adventures with our Secular Homeschool Community! Safe Travels Flat Stanley!
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