• Top 100 Secular Curriculum Choices for 2019


    Curriculum woes got you down? Are your homeschool friends tired of you bugging them about what THEY use? Kids begging you for something different? Or maybe starting the hunt for 2019-2020 homeschool year already? Not every curriculum is perfect. Not every curriculum works for your needs. We have done the hard work for you with a list, descriptions and reviews.

    Check out our Top 100 Choice Secular Curriculum List for 2019 featuring:

    Language Arts

    • Vocabulary Spelling City
    • Vocabulary.co.il
    • Dover Childrenís Books
    • Easy Grammar
    • Homer Learn to Read
    • The Writing Course
    • Handwriting Without Tears
    • Analytical Grammar
    • Saxon Grammar and Writing
    • Time4Writing


    History and Geography

    • Play Shifu
    • Girls of American History
    • Discovery Education History
    • The Classical Historian
    • Chester Comix
    • Focus on History Series
    • You Decide! Applying the Bill of Rights to Real Cases.
    • The Tuttle Twins Series
    • U.S. History Through Childrenís Literature
    • Holt World History: Human Legacy


    • Power Homeschool
    • Streamable Learning
    • Exploring Nature with Children
    • Elephango Curriculum
    • Science 4 Us
    • Timberdoodle
    • Home Science Tools
    • Secular Science for Homeschoolers
    • Pandia Press
    • Generation Genius Science Videos

    Electives and Foreign Language

    • Spanish for Children
    • Homeschool Chess Club
    • Maestro Classics
    • Lingo Bus
    • Getting Started with Latin, French or Spanish
    • Kid Flix
    • Nihongo Master
    • The Learnables Foreign Language
    • Signing Times
    • Speekee Fast Trak and Accelerate Learning Spanish Curriculum

    Early Learning

    • Kenson Kids
    • ABC Mouse
    • Raddish
    • Reading Eggs
    • Kid Wonder Subscription Box
    • Learning Resources
    • Teach My Preschool Kits
    • Preschool Prodigies
    • Brain Quest Learning
    • Red Apple Reading

    Special Needs Homeschooling

    • Time4Learning
    • Wings to Soar
    • ABC Mouse
    • Signing Times
    • Barton Reading and Spelling System
    • Smart Tutor
    • Special Education Services
    • Ventris Learning
    • LDHope
    • Lexercise

    Multiple Subjects

    Homeschool Testing and Test Prep

    • Beestar
    • Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment
    • Courier Test Prep
    • Critical Thinking
    • eTap
    • USA Test Prep
    • Brewer Testing Services
    • Seton Testing
    • Homeschool Testing Services
    • Easy Test Maker

    Technology and Coding

    So many amazing choices, it makes it hard to choose! I want to try them all, how about you?

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