• 5 Ways to RESET Your Homeschool!

    pizap-com15477629368591-jpgSo, you made it through the holidays, did your lesson planning for the new year, got your curriculum ready to goÖ. first day back rolls around and nobody, not even you is in the mood to homeschool. Been there, done that. The holiday break was lovely, no pressure, no rules, no lessons, kids got along, you had no schedule and now kids are bickering, you are constantly on the go, lessons are a fight. Guess what? You need a HOMESCHOOL RESET!
    What is a homeschool reset and where can you get one, you ask?! Itís something you do when your current homeschool schedule is not working. For some reason, that holiday break does something within the homeschool bubble that has worked perfectly fine up until break. I canít tell you why or how it happens but I have experienced it, I have seen it talked about all over the homeschool boards. Parents and kids come back from break and the wheels have fallen off the bus, so to speak. It isnít you, it isnít the kids, it may or may not be your curriculum, it just happens.
    How to break out of it? Change things up. Reset your homeschool. Remember, you have either not schooled or casually schooled the last few weeks. Jumping back in with both feet may not be the answer.

    1. Incorporate those new educational toys/items that kids may have received as gifts. Create a fun lesson(s) around them or figure out how to utilize them within your homeschool on a daily basis.
    2. Get out of the house. Plan more field trips, local or day trips. Let the kids help you research or input on where to go. Check for local homeschool groups in your area, secular or inclusive. Many of these can get discounts into places you may not normally be able to afford or access.
    3. Change up that curriculum. Check out our virtual conference to help with your Mid-Year Switch. By the holiday season many homeschoolers find what sounded fantastic in August, really doesnít work for their homeschool by December. Donít continue to use it. Sell it. Swap it. Buy what does work. Your kids and your sanity will thank you.
    4. Unschool.Yep, that can be a scary word for those of us that adhere to a schedule and lesson plans. Take a month or 2 off of your normal routine and unschool. Find what your kids are interested in and base your homeschool lessons and daily routine around that. It changes the monotony that can come from using the same curriculum all year.
    5. Chat with your kids. Find out what they like and donít like about your current homeschool routine or set-up. Maybe one does great sitting at the table but the other child hates it and would prefer the couch. Your daughter is doing great with the current math program but your son is struggling. Maybe they want more breaks between lessons. You are homeschooling for their benefit, so tailoring your homeschool for them using their input could be very helpful for bumps in the road.

    Remember, all homeschoolers have dealt with what you are currently dealing with at one time or another. You are not alone. We all have done homeschool resets, whether after the holiday break or the summer break or just because. The joy and benefit of homeschool is that we can adjust and change as needed to be what is best for our kids and our families. Learning is a continuous thing and sometimes doing a reset can be just the thing to get your homeschool back on track.
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