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    As homeschooling becomes an increasingly popular option in the United States, it’s becoming clear that home education offers an important advantage: the flexibility to explore. With online resources at their fingertips, both students and parents alike are using this flexibility to create a truly great education. MIT professor Seymour Papert made a prediction more than 20 years ago:

    “I am sure that in the next few years the number of families opting for homeschooling will increase as the presence of computers diminishes many of the obstacles to homeschooling and increases many of its advantages.”
    ~ Seymour Papert, The Connected Family

    This prediction appears to have come true, with online educational resources offering more opportunities for homeschool families than ever before.

    The challenge for homeschool parents is to provide their students with the best educational opportunities possible. At the same time, the challenge for homeschool students is to take their education into their own hands as they prepare to leave the home. The use of online resources addresses both of these challenges by giving an opportunity for digital educational exploration.

    Here are a few ways to bring homeschooling to the next level for students and parents.

    Get a Wider Range with Online Courses

    Online courses bring the best two parts of the Internet together: instant connectivity and an abundance of information. Using e-learning courses is like replacing textbooks and tutors with robust and self-guided resources. Many courses offer materials, assignments, and quizzes within the class.

    The appeal of online educational resources is that homeschool students can find courses on nearly anything. With offerings ranging from astronomy to behavioral psychology, students can simultaneously expand their scope and home in on their interests as they grow in their knowledge.

    At the same time, these courses prepare homeschool students for the structured coursework they are sure to face in college. The benefit is twofold: the flexibility to explore and the structure to translate this exploration into a high-quality education.

    Get Ahead with College Credit-Granting Programs

    Both the DSST program and CLEP tests offer homeschool students the unique opportunity to test out of college-level courses before they even graduate from high school.

    With these programs, there is no need to wait for university or commute to the community college. Tests cover everything from natural sciences to humanities. Students can prepare for tests on their own time at home. Then, when they are ready, they take the accredited exams to receive transferable college credit.

    The benefit here is clear: homeschool students can start to take their education into their own hands as they prepare for college, and parents can offset the cost of tuition by encouraging students to test out of a semester or two of university courses.

    Get Ready for College Applications with SAT and ACT Online Prep

    Nearly any college application will require either SAT or ACT scores - and most top schools will look for top test scores. Test scores are the great equalizer of homeschool students and those that attend school. Homeschool students in upper grades can get ahead of the curve by dedicating part of their school day to preparing for these college admissions tests.

    As with most online resources, homeschool students can take a dynamic approach to test prep. The combination of self-paced videos and practice tests are sure to help that final score.

    The Takeaway: Online Resources Let Homeschool Students Take Their Education into Their Own Hands

    In these three applications of digital educational exploration, there are a number of benefits for both parents and homeschool students.

    • Students are already accustomed to learning in a digital format. Online courses place students in an environment they are comfortable with.

    • Online learning empowers students to track their own progress. Quizzes and assignments can all be tracked within the course, letting students take charge of their coursework.

    • Digital education tools allow the exploration of many interests. The sky’s the limit with online courses and resources - they are just waiting to be tapped!

    • Online courses are a cost-effective approach to a dynamic education. Some of the courses mentioned above can replace tutors, private classes, and even college tuition.

    • E-learning takes the load off of parents. With homeschool students taking things into their own hands, parents can leave the teaching to accredited courses and engaging video lessons.

    More than anything, these online resources mean homeschool students can go beyond the traditional curriculum and college prep with digital educational exploration. So let’s take the first step!
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