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    Review from member Free Thinker
    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive
    First, Logic of English has 2 different levels- This review is for Logic of English Foundations- this is the curriculum for Kindergarten-2nd/3rd grade. My kids LOVED it, it's full of games, not many worksheets, and is really good at teaching the phonograms and phonemic awareness. We went through level C, then transitioned to something else. I feel like, by the end of C, my kids were reading very well and had covered all the basic phonograms. The teacher manual was the main part of the program, it gave very good ideas, games, and specific instructions on how to teach phonograms- including help for kids who have speech problems on exactly how to make each sound with the mouth. The program is written for a classroom, but was adaptable easily to homeschooling. I recommend getting the cards so you can play the games. The workbook has High Frequency Words that you can laminate and use to play games, too. This curriculum worked well for my wiggly boys, and now I am using it with my daughter. This is sold as an all-in-one curriculum for language arts, but I don't feel it really is- there isn't any literature, and the small amount of writing isn't near enough for a beginning writer. I would recommend getting a different handwriting program, and also reading lots of good books for a literature component. My boys were also not thrilled with all of the story selections, which are not nearly enough for an emerging reader. You will need to use your library or get some extra easy-readers.


    • Very easy to use, it's all laid out plainly
    • Has extra help for kids who need a little speech help
    • Excellent for phonemic awareness
    • Lots of games, great for wiggly kids, not much seatwork

    • Not enough reading of books
    • May not be a good fit if your child needs longer to learn to read, or needs more review.
    • Since there is so little to the lesson, you won't really be able to make it stretch over a longer period if your child hasn't mastered it yet. There were a few times that I had to make up my own review of certain things.

    Review from member crunchynerd
    Member Ranking - Mostly Positive
    The Logic of English Essentials combines phonics, spelling, grammar, mechanics, composition, and vocabulary into one hefty text and large workbook. It also supports cursive and manuscript; the choice rests with the purchaser, of which type of workbook to buy.It is well-organized and includes everything you need in lessons that follow the same format each time, so they become familiar and predictable, and easy to break down into smaller chunks over the course of a week.It is extremely well-supported, with apps, online freebies, and supplemental materials, and designed to be used differently (with directions and sample schedules) for different types of learners, including ESL learners, remedial older students, and established readers from about 8 up.Using The Logic of English really helped my daughter's reading, spelling, and writing ability, which had suffered from a lack of phonics at the beginning, such that she had trouble seeing words as being made up of syllables, and had trouble hearing sounds of those syllables, including differentiating short vowels like short /e/ and short /a/. Using the Teacher's Manual and learning it alongside her, taught me a better way to teach my subsequent children, and how to address certain issues if they should arise in the future. I also love that it starts off simply, and gains depth and complexity as you move through the workbook and text, including some discussion of Latin and Greek root words.I didn't love everything about it, but overall, it's well worth the money if you want a comprehensive, thorough spelling/phonics/grammar/vocabulary/mechanics curriculum and are willing and able to take a fair amount of time in teaching your student personally.

    • Very thorough and systematic
    • Turn-key and completely scripted: the teacher can just open the Teacher's Manual (which is the text) and begin, without prior preparation
    • Complete all-in-one package that teaches EVERYTHING in each lesson: you won't need to shop for separate spelling, grammar, vocabulary, reading, or writing curricula
    • Designed to be fun if you get the game cards and game book, enough to keep even rowdy/wiggly/non-bookish kids' interest up
    • Supports the parental choice of cursive or manuscript: workbooks are offered in both forms, so it's entirely up to you.
    • Loads of online support: great blog, Facebook page, apps for mobile devices, and freebies/extras available, with more coming all the time.
    • They also have emergent reader/preschool versions, which are also pricey, but are also appealingly turnkey and fun, game-based.
    • In the Essentials, there is no fluff, no colorful graphic anything to distract: it just gets right to the point.
    • Really and truly effective .

    • Teacher-intensive: designed for active teaching, rather than being a self-paced study, though an older student could read the Manual and use the workbook independently, until it was time for someone else to dictate the word list.
    • Requires a lot of book-flipping: the helpful sections listing the basic phonograms, the spelling rules, grammar, and mechanics, are all in the front of the book before Lesson 1, but don't have colored page-edges to help you find the one you need quickly, so using some Post-it sticky tabs to divide the book into sections, would be really helpful
    • The lessons are long! Don't expect a kid (or yourself!) to get through a lesson in one sitting. We found a lesson per week to be more realistic a pace for my daughter when she was 9.
    • The book (Teacher's Manual) isn't as sturdy as I thought: it's nice and hardcover, but the pages are a tad thin and easily damaged, and in my case, the spine just ripped right out of the cover before we were done using it, even though we had been gentle with it, so it has to be glued back in with special book repair glue, if we hope to pass it down to subsequent kids
    • Consumable Workbook has to be replaced (but not the Teacher's Manual, or any extras you may have invested in such as the phonogram cards, game cards, etc)
    • Very Pricey and the shipping bites if you try to buy something small later, so buy EVERYTHING you need, all at once, all up front.
    • Not everything in it makes perfect sense to me. I recall scratching my head over the idea that the second syllable in "honey" could be a short /i/ sound. Maybe in a Southern accent? Also, some of the phonogram breakdowns seem needlessly complex to me: why teach /ei/, /ou/ and /i/ and all their sounds, as distinct from /eigh/, /ough/ and /igh/ when all you have to do is teach the first 3, and add to that a /gh/ phonogram that can either be silent, or else make the /f/ sound?

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