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    by Published on 04-01-2020 12:29 AM
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    Use writing prompts to get those reluctant writers writing. It really works!

    So, your homeschool is buzzing along through lower grades, things are going smoothly. Your kids bump up to middle school level and suddenly writing is required. More than a few sentences or a silly story. Actual writing. Prep for high school and eventually college. If you have a reluctant writer as I did, this turns a simple task into a WWE match. Seriously. The main homeschool fight on a daily basis with my youngest was over writing.

    Surviving the writing journey.

    He is a very literal thinker. Write a story about going to the store and buying milk, results in; I walked to the store. I bought milk. I walked home. *sigh Ok, what did you do in between? What did you see? Who was at the store? How did you pay? Did you talk to anyone? You need to elaborate. Which usually resulted in a screaming WHAT? You didnít say that. You said write going to the store to get milk. I did, but... And continue this conversation for at least 15 more minutes, to which he would usually just get told to do his other work and I let it drop. I was tired of the battles. Was that good parenting? Probably not, at the time, but pick your battles. And in the meantime, work on some solutions that take it out of MY hands and put the writing back in his hands. He still has to do it, but has some control over it. Here is how I accomplished that.
    by Published on 03-25-2020 01:41 AM
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    <img src="https://www.secularhomeschool.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5538&amp;stc=1" attachmentid="5538" ...
    by Published on 03-20-2020 01:28 PM
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    Donít let being stuck inside get you down. Just because your local school has closed, kids are home--and starting to drive you batty--you can still have fun. Seriously! Secular Homeschool has collected and compiled a list of Virtual Field Trips that are just for you. From the comfort of your couch, you and the kids can explore museums, zoos, the ocean, and national parks. Social distancing at its finest.

    Turn Virtual Field Trips into Lessons

    I am sure you are wondering what a free virtual field trip can do for your newly founded homeschooling adventure. It can do a lot. It can provide new insight and set your homeschooler off on a research adventure to learn more about what they have seen. This teaches them research skills, reading, writing (note-taking), and so much more. Choose a trip thatís tied to one of your core subjects and have it count as the dayís assignment. You can have them write in a journal about what they saw. What was their favorite part? What would they like to have seen? Practice geography by finding where the venue is located on a map and discuss the methods to get there from where you live. Math skills can be added by figuring out what it would take to get there; the cost of gas, mileage, etc. Consider a future real-life family field trip to see it in person. Save all this research as it will be useful.

    Homeschooling, whether for a short time or a lifestyle, allows you as a family to learn together and adjust anything you are doing to become a learning experience. Virtual field trips, baking a cake, walking around the block, planting a garden, or even something like FaceTimeíing the grandparents. Every activity can be educational. It just depends on how you look at it and use it.

    On bad days, days where you are just done. Kids are loud, they are not listening, you canít understand their math problem and you just need a break. Stop! Pull up one of these virtual field trips and take a journey as a family. I can guarantee it will help. ...
    by Published on 03-17-2020 12:14 AM
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    Letís talk about the elephant in the room. The thing that is everywhere, physically and literally. Facebook groups, the news, chat rooms, emails and pretty much everywhere you look or go: coronavirus, better known as COVID-19. And I donít know about you, but as a homeschooling family, we go into learning mode and have not only been following the progression of this virus but constantly updating each other on new information as we find it. Being informed is the best way to win the war against germs.

    COVID-19 started in Wuhan, China in late 2019. It has since progressed to over 100 countries and climbing daily. Numbers within countries are climbing hourly. Why are we so concerned about this virus? I mean, it is just a virus after all. A cold is a virus. So what is the big deal? The big deal is that COVID-19 is a whopper of a virus. It is unknown how it actually came to be. There are several theories out there; who knows which one is correct? That is a debate for another day.

    We do know that it is transmitted easily. YUCK. Scientists and doctors are still learning how it can be spread, how to prevent it, how to stop it. It is a virus. It is not bacterial and therefore cannot be stopped with antibiotics. Currently, the virus seems to be affecting the elderly and immune-compromised more than anyone else.

    Wash Your Hands

    The best prevention is hand-washing. Sounds silly but it is simple. Wash your hands. Wash your hands after the bathroom, wash your hands before preparing food or eating, wash your hands after changing a diaper, wash your hands after dealing with pets. Cover your cough and sneeze. Not with your hands, with your elbow or shoulder. Limit contact. Donít shake hands, even though that is our ingrained social norm. Right now, people will understand. Wave, fist bump or just say hi. Limit large gatherings. Many states have put bans on large gatherings. Why? Because large masses of people coughing or sneezing within close distance of each other is not good for the public health. ...
    by Published on 03-13-2020 02:14 PM

    Has the coronavirus turned you into an accidental secular homeschooler? Well, we can help. As this outbreak hits more areas, more cities, counties, and states will be closing public schools in an attempt to halt the progress of COVID-19. While this is smart and will help stop the spread of germs, it also creates a problem for public school parents. What happens with my kidís education? You have just entered into the world of emergency homeschooling. Donít worry, as secular homeschooling experts, we are here to help you.

    Your kidís public school is closed. One week, two weeks, or longer will take its toll on their education and learning. Donít let that slide happen. You are quarantined inside so why not turn some of that time into learning? Unlimited gaming and television may sound like fun, but after a couple of days, your kids will be bored and driving you crazy. That is not a good situation for anyone.

    Anyone Can Homeschool

    Did you know that anyone can homeschool? You can! While a quarantine/school closure may not require you to follow your state laws, as your child is still considered a public schooler, it is not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with your state homeschool laws in case you decide to make this a permanent change. Donít worry if you have questions on what is required; we have secular homeschool members from all over and they would be happy to answer your homeschool questions in our forum.

    Your Public School is Offering Online Education

    Your public school has implemented an online education program. Fantastic. That makes it easy. Make sure you follow the parent guide and that your kids fulfill their daily requirements. They may even have video schooling with their teachers. Often teachers will be available via email or chat for any questions you may have pertaining to a subject or problem. Did you know you can supplement this education? You totally can. You can add in things such as free reading, spelling, writing, or just focus on something that your children are interested in. Hereís a list of free unit studies to explore. Even emailing their friends, grandparents and teacher can be counted as schooling. Reading, writing, spelling, and socialization. ...

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    We probably should...

    alexsmom Yesterday, 07:18 PM Go to last post

    Welcome! So sorry to hear you and your girls have...

    Welcome! So sorry to hear you and your girls have been through so much trauma and bureaucracy!

    If Oak Meadow (or whatever curriculum youre using) isnt working, its always okay to stop.

    alexsmom Yesterday, 07:12 PM Go to last post
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