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    Published on 04-04-2019 07:51 AM
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    No purchase necessary. Open to entrants 18 or older who have a Facebook account. Odds of winning depend upon number of entries received. ...
    by Published on 03-22-2019 06:02 PM
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    Meet Katrina Taylor - Secular Homeschool’s site, content and social media manager. Katrina/Aandwsmom is a veteran homeschooling Mom of 2 boys.

    “We never planned on homeschooling. I broached the subject when my oldest son was a headed off to Kindergarten but my husband was totally against it. Nobody homeschooled where we grew up, except religious fanatics.. Fast forward to October 2008 and our oldest was 6 weeks into 6th grade. Public school issues led our family to become accidental homeschoolers. Using Time4Learning as our main curriculum, I quickly realized homeschooling was a perfect fit for my boys. They thrived on homeschooling and we were lucky enough to live in an area of Portland that has many secular homeschoolers with many activities.” ...
    by Published on 03-15-2019 12:04 PM
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    Welcome to a "Day in the Life of a Secular Homeschooler" 2019 Version! We are featuring a day in the life of....
    Aandwsmom, our Site Admin ! She has been homeschooling 11+ years now, is a homeschooling Mom of 2 young adults and Daycare Mom of 4 toddler/preschoolers, lives in Portland and has an urban farm with lots of critters….and you can keep reading to learn a little about a day in her secular homeschool....

    So, 6 years later(in case you read my previous DITL) and it is still crazy time at my house! Boys are grown up, still living at home, still doing online school…. Though it is college now. One has a full time job, the other is actively searching. Hang on, you are in for a wild ride!

    • 5:45am Up with the husband, feed the dogs, cat and get him ready and out the door by 6am.
    • 6am: Debate on crashing back to bed for an hour OR tackling dishes, laundry, etc. Youngest son has a job and often works until LATE at night. I refuse to let him ride the bus at that time of night(very sketchy). He gets to sleep in, but Mom has to be up for daycare kids so this is often a hard sell on what trumps what, more sleep for me or chores. Sleep often wins. This Mom gets crabby on less than 6 hours.
    • 7am: Much needed coffee, toss in dishes, laundry if I didn’t before. Check emails, online work, post the first social share of the day and head for the shower by 7:30am.
    • 8am: I am open for business and the boys are still sleeping. Lucky bums!
    • 8:30-9:30: All 3 kids show up during this time approximately. All hungry and ready for another day at my house! TV is on something educational for 30 minutes, breakfast is prepared and served. The boys are still sleeping….Zzzzzzz Somehow they can through all the chaos, I have a toddler that screams. A LOT
    • 10am: The zombies have awoken. This is the rule now. Unless you have to be up earlier for work, you MUST be up by 10am. This gives them time to be on a somewhat normal schedule and have time for their day. They collect their computers and return to the quiet haven of their room to check their emails, do some schooling and connect with homeschooling friends. The daycare kids are free playing as I have a mixed age group right now.
    • 11am: 1st lunch prep of the day. Daycare kiddos need to be sitting down to eat by 11:30 and I make a full lunch of 1 protein, 1 grain, 1 vegetable and 1 fruit and most of the time, it is a hot lunch. Sit them down, lunch is served. I no longer make the boys lunch! Well, that is not 100% true. About once a week, I make a hot lunch for all 3 of us so that youngest has leftovers for work. Otherwise, I list off what is in the fridge available to them for lunch.
    • 12-3pm: Daycare naptime(thank goodness as they were WILD today!). Check in on boys school. Boys will be boys and I still need to play Mom. If youngest needs to leave soon, I keep him on track. Though, he is very good about knowing his schedule and being on time. Another load of dishes in the dishwasher, dogs out, lunch scraps to the chickens and I get to sit for a few minutes and check emails, Facebook, eat my lunch and watch something on the DVR. Boys know to ask for help they need it...otherwise, let Mom chill for a few.
    by Published on 03-10-2019 11:23 AM


    Flat Stanley has been a beloved character of children’s books since 1964, thanks to Jeff Brown. Generations of children have followed him on his adventures around the world. 2019 marks the 55th year of Flat Stanley and to honor that, Secular Homeschool is hosting a Flat Stanley Contest!

    WHAT? We love Flat Stanley!! How do we sign-up?
    What do we do?

    For the rest of March we are hosting sign-ups to participate in the Flat Stanley Contest. Follow this form:

    and enter your name, address and email. It will not be shared with anyone other than SHS Admins. Then, April through June, Flat Stanley and a copy of his original story will make their way to and from each secular family that signed up.

    Once you he arrives at your home, you get to host Flat Stanley in your homeschool for a week before sending him back. While he is visiting, please take a few minutes to make a video of what he got to participate in(choice and content is totally up to you) then submit it to our contest(link to be provided starting in April). At the end of the entry period, all videos will be judged and a winner will be picked! Prize is a Boxed Set of Flat Stanley Adventures. You are also encouraged to take photos and submit on Instagram, tagging SHS #secularhomeschoolflatstanley2019. We will be sharing these as they come in!

    Mailing of the contest Flat Stanley package will occur from our head office in Florida and that is where you will mail the package back to. This ensures that your info remains safe and secure. BONUS: All sign-ups will receive a personal note from me and a Flat Stanley vinyl sticker, just for signing up to participate.

    At this time, this contest is only open to United States participants due to time constraints and mailing costs. But, if you live outside the United States and would like to participate, PLEASE send me a PM either on Secular Homeschool or on our Secular Homeschool Facebook Page.

    A running article will be up on the Secular Homeschool homepage with a map, so we can follow where in the USA he is. Be sure to check in weekly for updates! The Flat Stanley fun doesn’t have to stop there. Check out the Flat Stanley page for ways to incorporate Flat Stanley into your homeschool learning with lots of ideas, lesson plans and adventure fun! Plus check out all the cool places Flat Stanley has been spotted!

    Most important of all, HAVE FUN! We can’t wait to see WHERE in the Secular Homeschool community is Flat Stanley!

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