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    The threads that get viewed most often on our forum here at SecularHomeschool.com often have to do with secular science curricula...looking for it, bemoaning the lack of it, begging for input on finding it. In the past, secular homeschoolers have been underwhelmed by the available offerings in the science curricula arena.

    However, in recent years, several new secular homeschool science options have come on the scene making it not nearly so difficult to find a homeschool science program that will work for your family. I thought it might be a good idea to spotlight some of the newer curricula as well as the tried and true programs that are available, so you will have a centralized place to start looking.

    Science4Us (Grades K-2)
    This secular program is geared toward the early elementary set - - a nice bonus, since many homeschool science programs ignore the youngest learners. You can check out their kindergarten science curriculum, first grade science curriculum, and second grade science curriculum. They offer life science, earth/space science, and physical science for elementary. Science4Us combines the best of online, multimedia instruction with hands-on activities that are geared toward active learners.
    Read Science4Us reviews in the SecularHomeschool.com curriculum directory

    Time4Learning (Grades PreK-12)
    Time4Learning has a comprehensive multimedia science curriculum at all grade levels. You'll especially want to explore their junior high coursework in earth/space science, life science, and middle school physical science as well as high school coursework in biology, earth/space science, physical science, chemistry, and physics.
    Read Time4Learning reviews in the SecularHomeschool.com curriculum directory

    Centripetal Press (Grades 6-9)

    The Cram-Pass-Forget Cycle: it's how we all got through high school and college. Cram for the test, pass it, and forget most of what you studied within two weeks. This depressing cycle goes on every day with students flying through textbooks, covering more material than they can assimilate, jumping through hoops to get a grade, and the Cram-Pass-Forget cycle continues.
    Centripetal Press science curriculum strives to break this cycle with mastery-based materials to dramatically increase retention, integrating relevant subjects and fostering the wonder innate to the study of the world. Read more at their Textbook Philosophy page.

    Supercharged Science (Grades K-12)
    This is a program that combines videos, live tele-classes, reading and exercises. The administrator of the course is a former NASA employee and has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, so she is clearly passionate about science.The reviews I’ve read make it seem like the parents have as much fun ...
    by Published on 03-03-2014 10:50 AM


    We broke a record last month at SecularHomeschool.com. We had the most entries EVER in a monthly giveaway!!

    Hugs CONGRATS to member sichamp for being the official winner of the February giveaway from Oak Meadow Curriculum and School. She won a full curriculum package of her choice with a retail value of $300!! We know she will thoroughly enjoy her prize.

    Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway and don't forget to enter this month's giveaway from Vocabulary Spelling City too!
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    Nancy Larson Science

    Review from member:
    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive
    Nancy Larson Science receives 12 thumbs up from my family of six! We used NLS levels 2, 3, and are currently using level ...
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    We're always excited to be able to host a Vocabulary Spelling City giveaway at SecularHomeschool.com, so March is a thrilling month around here!

    Have you heard?? VSC added FIVE NEW PREMIUM GAMES last month!! That means, this is the perfect time to get a premium subscription to this award-winning game-based learning tool for vocabulary, spelling, writing and language arts. The new games are....

    Transform your younger child's enthusiasm for word work. A friendly caterpillar encourages her to arrange letters to correctly spell each word in her list. The reward is a beautiful butterfly.Play!

    Your child is the hero, saving SpellingCity from an insect invasion as he splats letter-carrying roaches, dragging letters to spell each word. This fast-paced game provides excellent practice for letter recognition and spelling skills. Play!

    Your child takes aim at a spiraling swirl of letters, zapping them to correctly spell each word on his list. Accuracy is rewarded by earning a spot on the High Scores table. Play!

    Alphabetize with Jojo
    A mischievous monkey named Jojo encourages your child to arrange her words in ABC order after Jojo mixes them up. Play!

    Word Videos
    Lights, camera, action! Your child creates her own word video by choosing options, then watching to learn each word. Play!

    In addition to these great new games, check out new Personal Student Lists and Review Lists. A Vocabulary Spelling City premium membership offers you many other premium spelling, writing, and vocabulary activities AND the ability to track your child's progress with automatic grading of all activities and tests, plus much more.

    And the best news of all?? VSC is offering three lucky members of SecularHomeschool.com the opportunity to win a one-year premium membership for up to five children!

    Keep up with the latest at Spellingcity.com:

    1366846352_facebook-png 1366846335_twitter-png 1366846355_pinterest-png 1366846327_googleplus-revised-png

    To enter this giveaway, simply comment below and share a spelling word that still gives YOU trouble and that you could always use extra practice with. You may earn up to five additional entries for this giveaway by sharing this giveaway on Facebook and coming back and commenting to let us know, by sharing this giveaway on Twitter and coming back and commenting to let us know (with your Twitter ID), by sharing this giveaway on your Google+ profile and coming back and commenting to let us know (with the URL link of your share), by sharing this giveaway on Pinterest and coming back and commenting to let us know (with the URL of your pin) or by sharing the giveaway on your personal blog or website and coming back and leaving a comment with a link to your post. (Each additional entry must be entered via a separate comment)

    Click here to view the official rules of this giveaway

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    Colorado Mom

    I think it was just his energy and positive vibe....

    I think it was just his energy and positive vibe. He also teaches the high school film class teacher and I watched last years final project... he is just great with kids. You can see he loves what he...

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