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    by Published on 07-01-2014 08:30 AM


    TERM: The Contest will run through July 31, 2014.
    by Published on 06-28-2014 08:11 PM

    So, yes....this week's poll stems from a long running debate in our house and yes, it may seem silly to some but I am curious!
    Now, we use spaghetti noodles for many meals.... butter noodles, cheesy noodles, spaghetti, lemon chicken pasta, etc. and the debate is breaking noodles in half or leaving them whole!
    Myself, I break them in half. My kids are fine with this and don't care. I grew up in a house that broke the noodles because they fit in the pan better and were a better length for eating without slurping all over.
    Hubby CLAIMS he grew up with them whole and therefore wants them cooked whole. Now, I checked with his Mom and she says NO, she breaks them. She does not allow slurping AT ALL and broken noodles prevent that.
    And anytime we or my boys have eaten noodles at in-laws they are broken.
    So.... when we ALL eat spaghetti noodles... to prevent an argument(don't even ask about the hissy fit hubby threw one night when I broke them, INSANE!!LOL)...I leave them whole.
    When it is just the boys and I, we break them in half.

    So, what do you do in your house? Break them or leave them whole? And why?
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    by Published on 06-23-2014 09:59 AM
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    20000-strong-jpgWe're celebrating a HUGE milestone at SHS this week. We've just recently had our 20,000th site registration, which means 20,000 families have sought out a secular homeschooling community and have utilized our secular homeschooling resources since our debut in 2009. That's thrilling!!

    We want to thank each of you who have contributed to making SecularHomeschool.com one of the most active homeschooling sites on the web. If you've discovered a new curriculum in our directory, located a local like-minded support group on our support group map, or have made connections with someone in your same boat, then we admins feel that our hard work in building and growing SHS has more than paid off.

    If you have feedback about where you'd like to see SecularHomeschool.com go from here, we'd certainly love to hear it. Sound off in our Feedback Forum, or even use the Contact Form to send us a message. We're here for YOU, which means your input and ideas are important to us. You matter!!

    BIG thanks to Pandahoneybee, Aanswsmom, and Fairielover for keeping everything running so smoothly around here day to day. This place simply wouldn't exist without all their TLC.

    I'm just so proud to see not just this site, but secular homeschooling in general evolving into a strong and confident demographic in the homeschool community. Here's to 20,000 more, SHS!!
    by Published on 06-20-2014 11:28 PM

    So........ many of us are done for the Summer and many of us are schooling still.
    We are done. Finished a week ago. But, that doesn't mean we are technically done SCHOOLING for the Summer! This Mama has plenty of stuff up her sleeve!
    While the boys are done using their online school....we will still head to the Science Museum, visit some cool places and report stuff on them as well as turn our family vacation week into a partial learning week....before we start school back up in August!!
    Summer reading program via the library!
    Grandparents are having them visit for 2 weeks and some stuff planned!
    And whatever else I can drum up!

    So, are you schooling through the Summer!?!
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    by Published on 06-13-2014 12:48 AM

    Well, we are on the last official week of Spring!
    That means the longest day of the year, the arrival of sunshine, warmth, gardens, sprinklers, ice cream, bbqs, camping and whatever else Summer means to you is just around the corner!
    I love the warm weather, the longer days, the being able to go sit on my patio early in the morning and drink coffee and not freeze! Being able to BBQ in dry weather! Listening to kids giggling and playing outside! The smell of the damp dirt in the garden or the essence of blooming flowers in the breeze!
    I am a sucker for Summer!
    I count down to it and then enjoy every moment I can squeeze out of it!
    So, what are you looking forward to MOST about Summer?
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