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Update: Rethinking my Thinking

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A few weeks ago, I posted (see Rethinking my Thinking) about my youngest daughter. After much deliberation and discussion, I decided to take her to a psychotherapist for an evaluation. I wanted to see what this professional's opinion would be. After all, when you homeschool it can be hard to tell what is "normal" (even if it seems different ) and what needs attention. I went in with an open mind, and also no sense that anything would be resolved whatsoever. This series of meeting was for evaluation purposes only and wanted to get an outside opinion. I've had many opinions given to me for free - from my parents, my siblings, my in-laws, other homeschoolers, wonderful and supportive folks over at Secular Homeschool, the pediatrician.... but not someone from the mental health and wellness world. So I decided to give it a fair try.....

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  1. Staysee34's Avatar
    I have been where you are with my DD(9). I started seeking answers when she was 5. I got several different opinions and even chose the med route for 6 months so we could get a good handle on the tantrums. Now, we are doing a 6 month round of OT for her sensory issues. Apparently, my child doesn't get dizzy which I have learned is a vestibular issue. She can spin for hours and not fall down. The OT is helping. We also work with a behavior therapist once a week and have a behavior specialist who comes to our home once a week. My girl does have a psychiatric eval coming up soon just in case the need to medicate arises. However, I have made it very clear to all involved that until I can't possibly handle her for one more second and we have exhausted all behavior modification techniques, I will not medicate her.

    You are right to get the second opinion but be prepared to hear the "med" line again as it seems to be the answer. In my honest opinion, having worked and lived in this field for a long time, meds are merely a short term fix to a long term problem if there is no immediate behavioral intervention at the same time. Again this is just my opinion and I'm sure others feel differently. I hope you find the answers that work best for you and especially your little girl! She's sounds absolutely amazing!
  2. QueenBee's Avatar
    Thank you so much, Staysee. Hearing from other people that have BTDT is very helpful. I am definitely on the path of "try all else first" and am hoping to have some successes with it. Right now I'm gearing up for 30 - 45 minutes of serious physical activity each morning with her. I just have to rearrange everything to do that as I work in the mornings (5-8/9am).

    Thank you for your story and ideas!!
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