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A Day in the Homeschooling Life

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Monday morning.
Seven o'clock, sun's up, son's up. DH makes me a cup of coffee, and the cat demands her breakfast.
I shower, and DH is off to his conference call. Kiddo and I start laundry, eat breakfast (in his case, second breakfast), and get him dressed.
A little before 9 AM, my husband leaves for work and school starts. Song of the week must come first--it's "Rhapsody in Blue," a bit long for DS without the Fantasia video (I'll have to find it for tomorrow) and we start other work with the music in the background. Our virtue of the week is tolerance, which I explain very briefly. We move through the math--to his delight, a dot-to-dot puzzle--and sounding out some words after the song ends. I show him how to make the number 8. He's not impressed: 7 was so much simpler.
I'll save counting by 8s for tomorrow. We wrap up. It's not time to leave for the park playdate yet, so we sit on the couch and read Dr. Seuss's "Butter Battle Book" and discuss the intolerance (and pointlessness) of the Yooks' and Zooks' behavior. We also have time for "Yertle the Turtle." A call from my best friend interrupts before we can get through the next story.
A quick snack for DS and then we're off to the nature park. It's raining lightly, but we're dressed for it and we know the family we're meeting won't mind. They pull in after us and we all head down the hill to the playground--not much fun in the rain, so we're soon hanging out in the forest instead. Kiddo has brought matchbox cars to share, and the boys try letting them zoom down a dirt mound. We head up a forest trail, getting wetter and wetter, beginning a little game: "I'm as wet as..." and then, when we're out of similes, "When we get home, we'll be as dry as...."
At the top of the trail, water is streaming through a narrow drainage ditch down toward the lake. The kids drop twigs in to watch them race away. We say our goodbyes and head home to change into something dry.

Once we've done so, it's time for lunch. Kiddo eats his in front of a TV show and I start dinner and check my email.
"What are we going to play now?" he wants to know. He suggests puppets, which means I produce the puppet and he interacts with it. He wants Salesman Puppet to sell him a toy car. I fetch a coin jar from upstairs. After Salesman, we move on to Shopper (who wants to convince him to part with some treasures), Happy, and Cranky. He teaches them about the different denominations of coins. Now my voice is getting tired and it's time for Parade of Snacks (watermelon AND graham crackers AND... I don't even remember now) and Quiet Time. Upstairs, I help him brush his teeth and read him a chapter of Mary Poppins. He plays quietly (but, I'll later find, not neatly) and listens to some music while I return to the couch to work on something I've promised to get done for a church committee.

He's done before I am--the clock has turned yellow before I've sent the email, and he amuses himself quietly while I get it finished. Now we play with the coins again, this time as building and paving material for an imaginary house and street. He's getting a little wound up--much to my dismay, as the weather has gotten worse and I can't send him out with thunder and lightning going on. At his request, I show him some several different videos of "The Wheels on the Bus." Finally, as my husband is on his way home, kiddo winds up simply running in circles in the house.

We have dinner (and kiddo has dessert) and go upstairs for bathtime. The next chapter of Mary Poppins is long, so I cheat and only read half of it. Then I head downstairs, leaving the rest of bedtime to my husband, the designated Sleep Parent (since 2009, poor guy, but I've been the Food Parent since 2007).
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