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I think? Therefore, I am confused.

The age old question (below) resolved.

Q: If your young child throws a temper tantrum in a grocery store and no (visible) shoppers are around to hear him, does he still make a sound?

A: YES! Yes, he does! Shoppers who were not even present in the store will literally come out of the woodwork just to see what all the ruckus is. As a concerned parent, you should take the only sensible course of action, and act as if you have NO IDEA who on earth this child is. Simply shrug at all the people who are staring at you as if you are the worst parent in the world, and look around with a befuddled expression on your face. Adopt a mannerism that suggests that you, too, are looking for this loud tyrant's parents, but that assuredly, you are not one of them. When the coast is clear, make a break for it (probably out the back door of the store). Chances are good you will not lose your child. I mean, he is making so much noise that even demons in their hellfire and brimstone underworlds have momentarily stopped their fun task of torture and are asking themselves what that ungodly noise is and how to stop it.
Hence, it is not likely that your child will be kidnapped or get lost.
(Probably, even if you tried, at this point, you would be unable to find takers for your child.) In the meantime, remain calm. Eventually, this, too, will pass.

But for the record, when your child throws this temper tantrum in public, it really doesn't matter how many people appear to not be present, because he does, indeed, make a sound. And quite a sound at that!
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