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Oh my! What a Journey!

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Getting to this point has been one heck of a journey. Between the school, teachers, a psychologist and trying to convince my oh man!

I promised myself at first that I would not write here in the blog section until I filled out the paperwork, signed it and turned it in. Well. I was so scared to do it, I waited until last Friday to do it. After I fianlly did it, I decided to wait until today. Why today? Today was the first day of Public School. I told myself, "If we can make it passed that first day of public school, I will post in the blog section". Well, we made it!

I had many reasons for pulling her out. Kinder was hell! Her first class was broken up and put into 3 different classes because there was not enough kinder students. That was 2 weeks in to the school year. The second teacher was so whiney that she made some of the kids very nervous. My daughter was peeing every 15 minutes to avoid her. Another child would vomit everyday before school. So many parents complained about her. They never did a darn thing about it. Then she was sending Kindergardners home with an hour or more of homework per night! I am not kidding. After complaints about the homework, they lessoned it to 30 minutes. However, they didn't do anything about the teacher. The homework that she was bringing home was the same worksheets she was doing in pre-school. Same exact problems. She was tested at 1st grade level when she was 4, so I was very disappointed to say the least. She was essentially going backwards. then we found out the teacher was pregnant. We all thought that she would calm down after she had the baby. Nope. While the teacher was on maternity leave the sub was awesome. I was able to stop taking dd to the psychologist. We took her because we didn't know what was going on. We didn't know if she was ocd or nerves. The psychologist said nerves. It was the teacher. Dd was doing very good. The work was still below what she was used to doing, but I didn't have to carry her over my shoulder anymore forcing her to go somewhere she didn't want to be. Well...her teacher came back. We were right back at square one. Dd didn't want to go to class again. She started the bathroom thing again, but it wasn't as bad. I started to consider homeschooling. I had discussed it with her. She begged me. I reminded her that there was 6 weeks left, to hold on. I discussed it with my husband and he ofcourse said no.

On to First Grade...
She was not happy. Neither was I. But my husband was very much against it. My hands were tied. I still researched homeschooling, read about it, looked into what was available. I tried to get her excited about public school. It just was not happening for her. We got our nails done, hair done, school clothes, dress name it. She was still resisiting. It turns out she had THE most awesome teacher. I will not ever for get her. The work was still below what she was used to, but she was happy. Her teacher understood her. She saw something. The teacher had her tested for gifted. They told me in kinder no. First grade year she was tested and got in! Yay! They knew in kinder that she was reading at 3rd grade level. So not only did she get in gifted and talented, she also got into the Advanced Reading Program in her firt grade year. Her teaher was really good at communicating. Making suer things were done. Making sure the kids were on the right path. No problems.

On to Second Grade...
Second week in and we were off to a bad start. We were walking home and she was sluggish, quiet and flushed. I thought it was the heat. I decided to let her cool off at home. It was in the upper 90's that day. After about 10 minutes, she was still flushed and sluggish. I took her temp and she had a temp of 102*! I was mad! I gave her some medicine and let her realx. I asked her if she told the teacher and she said yes. I asked her if she went to the nurse. She said no. I was even more mad. I called the school. I left a message for the teacher. She called back and said that she had always been quiet and that if she can't send every kid to the nurse that said that they didn't feel well, otherwise she would have to send every child. She also told me she was offended!!! I bit my tongue. But I told her firmly that she was quiet and flush in color and she should have been sent to the nurse. Then the dress. I get a call from the school to come and get her so she can change. I said "What?". They said that she was not in dress code. I sent her in a red dress, with two white flowers on the side for pockets and knit stocking panty hose , I cant remember the exact name of them, and a white button up under it. She said, she cant have the flowers. I said she was wearing a polo with flower print yesterday, whats the problem? she said " she cant wear the button up" I said she has been wearing that button up since kinder and you are just now complining?? She is not in dress code ma'am, she needs to change. I went up there and gaver her a piece of my mind. I told her " the fact that you expect these kids to look alike. walk alike, talk alike, act alike like little robots is sick! They are individuals. NOT robots! I don't like it and it is wrong!!!!" She looked at the floor and told me that she was following the rules. I took dd home and almost didn't taker her back. I look back...and I should not have. Then the nit picking from the teacher. Nothing major. She got in trouble for tieing her shoe, and was kept in class for recess for some minor things. She was so bored she was teaching herslef multiplication.The school work again was below what she was used to...again. I was telling myself and my husband that she is just not moving ahead. Then there was a meeting for the gifted and talented parents. they informed us that they were cutting the g&t program in half for the next school year and implementing it into the classroom. Further telling us that each teacher would have 3 different lesson plans for each subject. They also said that the g&t kids would get their assignments and the teachers time would be spent with the other children. HUH????? That is the worst thing you can do to any student reguardless of where they are at academically. This was not good. I told my husband that if we want her to move forward or learn anything, we needed to taker her out. He said no. Then dd's birthday came up. I was told I could come to the class and have cupcakes with her and the class. The day before I get a call from the teacher saying that I couldn't because parties are not allowed. I told her we aren't having a party, just cupcakes. I was told that I could send the cupcakes but I could not attend!!! Oh dear!!! I'll just let it go and send the darn things. I called the school district and they said it was ok. I was so mad. We had been told a few months back that her teacher would be going on maternity leave. So about 2 months before school let out dd brought home a little plastic pink pin. I asked her what it was and she said her teacher had her baby shower in class that day. I bit my tongue. I didn't want dd to see me fuming and cursing up a storm.

At the end of the second grade year I tool a look back. In this school dd had 6 teachers in 3 years and only one was good. The family down the street left because they didn't like the school. Another family down the street, the wife had lived in the same house since kinder and went there, she said it had always been very strict. My neighbor went there when she was in 6th grade, she said it wasn't strict. The only thing they had to do was the girls had to wear dresses. Hearing the parents in the parking lot complaining about the school quite a bit made me think. The stop sign in the front of the office preventing me from walking my child to class the first week. I felt like they were trying to seperate me from my child. Trying to break a bond that should never be broken. It killed me.

So now I look forward. After many discussions, some of them lightly heated, we are home schooling. We are taking charge of her education and our lives. After researching for three years, fights with the school and a lot of frustration and fear, lots and lots of fear, we are finally here. We have been to a couple home school events. We will be going to our first Home School Girl Scout meet tomorrow. She is so excited about that. She loves Girl Scouts. My husband says we can try it. So far so good. I have gotten a bit of resistance. Nothing too major. She is moving forward. She isnt teaching herself multiplication anymore. She is learning cursive. Cursive was learned during recess, supposedly with parental permission. they only get one recess a day, I am not going to take that away. They already took away tag, high fives, hugs, and pates on the backs between the kids. I just don't get it. They almost did away with the jungle gym because a kid broke his arm. They don't run anymore, they do yoga. They serve chicken nuggets and nachos and call that nutritious! I don't understand what has happened? These things also have been happening in my sons school as well. He is older , and thrives in public school. I really hope things change for the better of the children.

My husband has really opened up. I give him lots of credit. He has told me he is still not sold on home schooling. So for him to participate as much as he has, I applaud him!

I wrote this as a release for my anger and frustration. I hope that maybe someone will read this and realize something, anything. I just hope it helps. This web site has helped me so much. I want to thank each and everyone of you for reading my rants and raves and my emotional posts over and over again. I think at times I was over emotional and overwhelmed and just didn't know what to think or do.

Thank You

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  1. gypsylovecircus's Avatar
    Props to you for making the call and putting your daughter first. We did the same last year when my daughter was in 5th grade and my son in 2nd. When your kids aren't happy, when they aren't learning, then what is the point? Its a waste of their time. I hope all goes well and you find your homeschool groove!!

    Cheers, Holli
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