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Educating the Homeschool Educator

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Hello, have you seen this thread:

The last page, particularly FreeThinker's post, is going to be my personal "go to" when I get frustrated with all the negative changes in the homeschooling movement (if we can still call it a "movement" instead of a "target market", lol) that you and I have seen.

Have you ever had a child in public school? One of mine caved to family pressure that we "couldn't afford" to homeschool about ten years ago. Public school turned out to be very expensive financially as well as essentially destroying our family.

Since you are newly deconverted you may not be aware of the history of the secular homeschooling community. Maybe I can help:

GWS Issue Archives

403 Forbidden

^That one is not likely to improve my popularity among the young 'uns on the forums, lol, but whether you see the predictions as having come to pass or nothing but a bunch of FUD, it is still of historical significance and eloquently describes what was so special about the secular homeschooling movement in 2003.

403 Forbidden

^This is what happened to Home Education Magazine, and why I cannot link you to a page with years and years of archives as I did with GWS. the magazine went under and the website went down shortly thereafter. All I know is what Helen told me in a private email: that she feels we won the most important parts of the battle. I trust her on that--as bad as things my seem right now to us old timers, they are infinitely better than they could have been.

You can still find collections of HEM articles in bound book form at various online used booksellers and perhaps at your local library or through ILL:

Speaking of books, are you familiar with David Alpert's And The Skylark Sings With Me:

which was published in 1999, and/or Nancy Wallace's Better Than School:

which was published by a secular homeschooling pioneer in 1983?

Wendy Prietznitz is the mother of two homeschooled fortysomethings and somebody I still feel reasonably comfortable recommending to new unschoolers, if that is how you roll (and even if it isn't and you just need some inspiration):

Since you are recently deconverted, I also wanted to share a site that helped me when I was going through all that even though it has absolutely NOTHING to do with homeschooling:

I can only imagine what you must be going through and what a difficult time this must be for a newly exited Christian who is also a homeschool veteran. The ages of my kids are in my signature. Please remember that this is only one chapter in the story, not the whole story.

The reasons we homeschooled our bigs are still relevant for our littles, but perhaps even more pressing and important in 2016. If you do not feel at home in a world of public charter schools and multi-hundred dollar scripted curriculum products, perhaps you will find kindred spirits among these pioneers and come to see yourself as a pioneer as well.

My interwebz peeps are reading and I hope they understand that I mean no offense to their bright shiny young faces, but I can also imagine how bewildered you must be, Shari, so if you need to vent about kids these days and what's wrong with the world and Helena Handbasket, that's okay too and there's a private message feature in the forum software.

Yes, it matters. What you have given your bigs was valuable. What you still have to give your littles is important. First you cry and then you go on.
Blogging this post from IEF for future reference. Found it buried in my bookmarks. Saved it a while ago. Thanks, IEF, for the links!!!
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