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Public Nerdity Is Not A Crime

Orientation: What to call the kids, and what to disclose?

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To give a little background on who we are.
I was born in 1973, my husband in 1970. Our kids were born in '04, '07, and '11 and are Girl, Boy, and Boy. Still not sure what I will call them on this blog. Do I want to use their real names, or a nickname or an alias/stage name? What do other people do on their blogs?

What do you disclose in the interest of being interesting? We're interesting enough, because we deviate from the cultural standard enough...but we also know that people who have had homebirths on purpose after previous cesareans, who breastfeed past 2, who have done cloth, disposables, and EC, who go cautiously with regard to vaccines, whose kids have multiple food allergies, are also a dime a dozen, out there, though maybe not in combination.

We haven't bought curricula but I am now thinking of getting Cursive First. Am prepared to have "D'oh!" reaction, based on others' experiences with boughten curricula. And yes, I realize spellchecker doesn't recognize boughten, and that my use of punctuation outside of quotations in some of my writing, paints me either as ignorant of mechanics, or else as a Conscientious Objector to current American convention. I plead the latter.

My daughter would be one of the oldest 2nd graders, or one of the youngest 3rd graders, in grade school, and I am still on the fence about whether to use grade levels to describe her. She said she'd rather do without them, so that's what we're doing for now.

What do other people use the blog function for, here?
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  1. hblyon's Avatar
    I actually am brand new to the site but I plan on using the blog as a sort of informal journal and to keep track of activities and cool stuff I find online and otherwise. I decided just to be open and honest and just have some fun with it too. I refer to my son Aaron by name because I would get too confused to do anything else. I hope to use lots of pictures and document our year...well, we will see how long it lasts I guess Here's to hoping! and getting to know ya
  2. Shelli Pabis's Avatar
    I write a newspaper column, and I have just called by children by their ages: "the five-year-old" and "the two-year-old." I don't think there's anything wrong with using their real names on a blog, but it just seemed like the right thing to do for me, especially since I'm known in my local community. I think its a personal choice and parents have to make the decision. You do have to be careful about what you put online, and perhaps consider what they may or may not appreciate being told about them once they become adults. I have considered that by not using their real names, no one could find them online, if they typed in their full name. (Though I use my real name, so I'm sure savvy people could figure it out.) Perhaps someday when they are adults, searching for jobs or what-have-you, this will be appreciated.

    I wouldn't worry about being interesting. Just be yourself and write what you want to, at least starting out. If you don't enjoy writing the blog, then it's not going to get done, let alone finding readers. I think you could use this blog for whatever you like.

    Good luck to you!!
  3. crunchynerd's Avatar
    Thank you both! I like the ages idea, and I can see that the first name idea doesn't probably harm much realistically, not now that I have discovered how much identifying info is out there, or out there in easily de-anonymized form... a reasonably sophisticated person can find out a lot more than we like to think, just from our names and one other piece of info, like zipcode, IP address, date of birth, etc, and that can include the identities of our kids, but that's a whole different discussion. It just makes me realize that it may not matter a whit, whether I use their real names or not.

    I could also use middle names, because I really like that part of their names too and rarely get to use them except when the kids are in trouble
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