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  1. alexdk's Avatar
    I tried the link too, didn't let me through..
  2. Sarah Neoteric's Avatar
    I tried the link and it says readers have to be invited
  3. Lazy Jane's Avatar
    Funny, our summer plans include more structured time than we had all year! Daughter going to 4 weeks of theater camp (80 hours) and then a few weeks later Nature Camp (30 hours). My plans this summer is to reconnect with MYSELF! Of course we have all the camping, hiking and stuff on the agenda as well...and some cleaning out and reorganizing of certain rooms. You sound like you have very inspired children!
  4. Anonymous Me's Avatar
    Congratulations! It's a wonderful feeling to count down the weeks...and to know that there are just a few more lessons to check off the list! This is our first year of homeschooling, and I decided that we would do structured lessons for 28 weeks (4 days a week). I keep all of our weekly work in folders...and it makes me jump-for-joy-ecstatic that there are 26 folders in there! Woohoo!

    High fives and fist pumps to you and yours
  5. jsaffold's Avatar
    I'm so glad I discovered these reviews. My daughter struggles with her writing, I have added TFL to my favorites and plan to give it a closer look for her! thanks!
  6. thewhitewombat's Avatar
    I'm excited for you! My kids have used Time4Writing and really enjoyed it. I like that they learn from a certified teacher, too. They loved reading the feedback on each assignment that their teacher left for them! My kiddos learned a ton! Enjoy!
  7. bailbrae's Avatar
    My oldest (8th grade) has taken one T4W course so far, and actually asked to take another. He loves writing creatively, but he definitely needed a little more instruction than I could provide on my own, especially in the mechanics and grammar areas. We could see the differences, and what he was learning, immediately! More importantly, HE could see the differences and what he was learning, and that was so exciting for him!

    I hope that you have a great experience with T4W, and I'm looking forward to checking back in to see your thoughts!
  8. Topsy's Avatar
    Between my two sons we've probably taken four different courses at Time4Writing and each one has been incredibly helpful. I could see BIG jumps in their writing progress and even their attitude toward writing after completing each one. Look forward to your review!
  9. BakedAk's Avatar
    Aaaarrrrggghhhhh! NOTHING is near here!
  10. QueenBee's Avatar
    I wish we had the B&M store too ... nearest one is about 2 hours away. They have a great in-store sale this week for anyone near one!
  11. tri_oak's Avatar
    Very Cool! I love Dick Blick!!!! Wish we had a brick and mortar store near us, but their online store rocks too.
  12. BakedAk's Avatar
    Looks like she put some thought in to her reasons for opposition. Good for her! My kids are still at the "Why can't I eat cookies all day?? You are SOOO unfair!!!" stage. Sigh.
  13. gypsylovecircus's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this! Very fun way for my blogging HS daughter to keep motivated and to connect with other kids.

  14. Greenmother's Avatar
    The top one looks like the stormy days we have here in Okla. With that weird payne's grey colored sky that makes the greens pop.

    The sister's scene looks emotionally intimate.
  15. dottieanna29's Avatar
    We have the following Intellego units: Astronomy, Habitats, American History 1, Continents and Cultures and US Geography. We used the Habitats and Continents and Cultures ones when we started our Geography study. I liked them a lot. The links are updated, the activities interesting, perfect for my very visual kids. I did find that I used only a small portion of the possible activities with my kids, but I think that's great since I plan to reuse them when they are older. Definitely a good value for the cost.
  16. QueenBee's Avatar
    It is helpful! Thank you!
  17. PetVet's Avatar
    hi queenbee

    we've done the K-2 maps unit and K-2 world history, vol 1: in the beginning and quite enjoyed them both! i have the other two world history units lined up, as well as world religions, the orchestra and several K-2 science titles and although we haven't yet started these, i have looked through them and they all seem to be things that i'm sure DS7 will enjoy.

  18. QueenBee's Avatar
    I agree - visualization can be so helpful (in so many areas of life!).
    I'm optimistic that this will be a good week. I like your DH's technique - great way to be able to jump right in!
  19. jazz's Avatar
    I don't have any of the options for logins for posting, but I read the rest on your linked blog.

    I always find that it helps to visualize how I will feel when a specific small chunk is already done, and that helps. It seems to get my mind off of the procrastination feeling.

    My husband will pull up the work he needs to do first thing in the morning, open a document, get the first sentence or two done and on the screen, then just close the laptop. That way when he first opens it in the morning to work, it's the very first thing he sees, and it's already primed with a sentence or two. I haven't done it because I rarely get morning work time with a nursing child, but I think it's brilliant!
  20. Troy1addison's Avatar
    Oh that was cool activity. They get break as well as we can see talent of them.
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