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  1. QueenBee's Avatar
    I did something similar - I deactivated my account until summer break (or perhaps longer as I'm enjoying the freedom so much). I, too, didn't realize how much time was being sucked from me! Plus I actually enjoy not knowing so much about so many people. It was too much - did I really need to get daily updates on people that I haven't seen or talked to in decades? I don't know, but I do know I'm not missing it!

    Good for you for sticking it out! =)
  2. Stephany's Avatar
    I've never used the notifications. I get to facebook when I get to it, but I am that way with my e-mail as well.
  3. wild_destiny's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, Topsy. I was wondering yesterday how it had gone with your cold-turkey break. Now my nosy nose knows. Congratulations on becoming Mrs. Productivity--as if you weren't already.
  4. obimomkenobi's Avatar
    Turning off all the notifications was the ONLY way I can maintain my sanity, without completely opting out of the facebook world (which is still one of the best ways I've found to keep up with far flung friends and family).
  5. Topsy's Avatar

    KUDOS to you!!! I keep meaning to update with a new post to share my progress, so hopefully I'll do that today or tomorrow...stay tuned. But congrats on your relief...I know EXACTLY what you mean by that!!
  6. shanajo's Avatar
    Topsy, did you end up taking an FB break? I finally shut my account down this morning. Yesterday I posted to let people know that I was taking a break and if they needed to contact me they could do so via email or phone. Then I emailed a few key people to make sure that they got the message. This morning I made things official and closed my account. (They make it way too easy to open it back up, btw!)

    Anyway, so far so good! I feel almost......relieved. It's almost like I felt pressure to keep up constantly with what everyone had going on and now I can't. I like it. :-) So far anyway. We'll see if the withdrawls kick in soon!
  7. inmom's Avatar
    Oh, and by the way, welcome to the 40's! So far, I think it's the best decade to be in yet!
  8. inmom's Avatar
    I had an "enforced" experiment for a couple of days when we lost internet access. At first, I felt isolated, especially as the internet is how I primarily communicate with my husband when he is traveling.

    But honestly, I got SO MUCH done in those days since I wasn't plopped in front of a screen. Something to consider. It's amazing how much one can complete, even in 10 or 15 minute intervals that might have otherwise been spent on facebook, email, tweets, etc.
  9. Emerald's Avatar
    I deleted my Facebook a few weeks back. I've been on it almost since it opened (and was college-only). I don't miss it, largely because there was so much negativity and people bashing other people/viewpoints/politics. I am spending my time in far more positive ways!
  10. shanajo's Avatar
    I'll experiment with you! I've been thinking about this a lot the last few weeks. I completely understand feeling like I can't quit FB, because there are many friends and family whom I only talk to through FB. A lot of these people depend on me to post photos of the kids, because they live far away and that's the only way they can see what is going on with them. But, I know that I spend too much time on there and that is a habit that I need to break!

    I think what I'm going to do is start a family blog to put photos and such on. That way those that really care to keep up with our lives can check that. The rest I'm not going to worry about!
  11. UrbanHomeschool's Avatar
    Funny, I have recently been going through the same. I am barely using FB anymore and really only hold on to it to check on what is going on with certain family and friends in NY. I do, out of habit, share certain blog posts and news stories I find, but no one really reads or responds to those anyway. LOL Otherwise, I really feel that my time on FB is coming to an end very soon. I have already turned off the app platform, don't upload photos anymore and have deleted all but 3. I am just hesitating to deactivate because of the aforementioned family and friends.
  12. allisonsracquet's Avatar
    So funny....I just dropped mine (about three weeks ago, I was trying to convince my niece who shares WAY too much to let it go...she didn't). I went through "withdrawls" for the first week (like what do I even click on), and had to miss viewing some great photos etc. The thing I am finding I miss the most is my "wordscraper" (scrabble) games with people from across the country. During the may be especially tough (getting addresses for cards, keeping in touch, viewing photos, etc). But I am getting used to it. I checked "I'll be back" when I canceled my account...and I have been. Each time, I realize, I am not missing so much, and I am off in 5 minutes. Either way, funny post...glad to know I am not the only one.
  13. wild_destiny's Avatar
    Ok. It's past Monday now. So what happened? How did it go with your son? Inquiring minds want to know!
  14. pandahoneybee's Avatar
    ok I almost cried here! I am only two years behind you with Alex and I am not wanting the whole college experience! But I am sure that he might be? Totally interested in how it goes for him! so keep us posted!
  15. BPier12's Avatar
    What a big change for all of you! Hope everything goes well for him and that the experience meets his expectations.
  16. wild_destiny's Avatar
    Aww, what a heartwarming story--and funny, too! Btw, I have never heard the number 100 freaking 30. Is this after 130, but before 131? JK For that price, perhaps the book is inlaid with gold or something. And, yes, the money does go to orphanages in Russia, as well as to animal shelters that save unwanted puppies and adorable, fluffy kittens.
    Isn't it hard when they actually do start growing up?! From the sound of it, you have done well, so be a brave mom, as your son starts a new venture. Thanks for sharing, and please let us know how it goes on Monday!
  17. 's Avatar
    Hey there, I just visited over there. I had read his latest post a few days ago, probably following a link from one of the blogs posted on SH without realizing he was your son.

    Sigh... I'm so envious. How old is he? He sounds so mature and proactive and smart. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but my soon-to-be- 16 year old son drives me nuts with his apathy. He excels at playing his trumpet and enjoys being in JROTC, but apart from that... he needs to be pushed for everything and I wonder when he's going to "snap" out of it. Anyway, I bookmarked your son's blog and look forward to reading him more. You done good!
  18. Topsy's Avatar

    You also might get a little encouragement from my son's blog, which has sort of catalogued his experience in the world of unschooling this year. It's been a hit or miss effort (he's an unpredictable teen, of course), but I still think it is an interesting insight into what the process is like for the student themselves....
  19. 's Avatar
    Topsy, what a great post! It's so timely considering the questions I asked recently on the Unschooling board! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    You actually got me all excited about continuing to homeschool. As you said, we are doing school at home a lot of the time (OK, probably most of the time), complete with reciting the pledge every morning. I deliberately did this because I wasn't sure how long I would homeschool, and since Noah has always been homeschooled and is apprehensive about change sometimes, I wanted to give him the tools necessary to a reintegration into the p.s. system if need be. My original plan was to homeschool through 5th grade and then re-evaluate (i.e. I was thinking that he would want to go to p.s. at that time since it's an intense period of socialization and let's face it, I'm very introvert IRL so I wasn't sure how many friends he could make while homeschooling in our small town). But I started my own group, and while it's still very small, he has made new friends his own age throughout the area, which is encouraging. Moreover, in talking with people like you who have successfully homeschooled through middle school and beyond without necessarily the support of a large religious homeschool group, it's given me renewed enthusiasm for the years ahead and confidence that even if I can't teach him 6th grade math, there are online programs (and others) that do just that. One of my group members' oldest daughter is 15, has always been homeschooled, and describes herself as an autodidact. She totally directs her own studies and can talk to me about existentialism, algebra and other subjects. This is inspiring to me and I hope to be able to point Noah in that direction... and that he has enough enthusiasm about the learning process to be able to find those interests on his own. I want to be able to help get resources to support those interests, but not necessarily spoon feed him information from a premade curriculum at some point.

    4 computer languages? Wow.
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